Journey Series

Journey Series

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sections 5 of Life Turned Upside Down: Miss Donna's Story

Life Turned Upside Down
Miss Donna’s Story
Julia Matthews
(section 5)

Plane descended and hit the runway before nerves showed up. Entire flight her mind had been fixed on where I’d go after landing in New York. I’d used almost every cent in the checking account to get a ticket. It would take a couple of days for any bank to verify dad’s check and cash it. To top off, some of workers had pointed at me a couple of times. My mixed hearing allowed me to pick up on what they were discussing.
Apparently, ticket lady, had informed the captain of a strange woman request and what seat she had been assigned to. Captain passed along a warning to his workers, with instructions of keeping tabs on such an abnormal person. His actions weren’t odd. For all they knew ticket lady had sold a ticket to a possible bomber. Good thing Pride Master King hadn’t witnessed such a disgraceful act of drawing unwarranted attention.
“Welcome to New York. Hope you enjoyed you flight.” Captain said over the speaker system.
Donna got up and tried to disappear among other passenger. It worked until I entered the luggage area. That’s when an amazing scent of lavender surrounded me. Knees wobbled, and every inch of my body vibrated with little currents of electricity. Seer Diego had been right. Only a Mother Earth mate could have elicited such a reaction. Where was he?
With ease, Donna let her were-panther’s scent of smell extend a bit further, and tracked that lovely smell. Before long I found myself standing next to the luggage line. My Mother Earth mate was near by, and so was my luggage. It had come into sight. I reached out to grab it, but a deep sexy, yet timid male said, “Which one and I’ll get it for you.”
Donna’s head whipped to the right and lavender hit her full on. It took every ounce of strength not to pull him into a toe-curling kiss. Instead, I pointed to my bag, as he took possession of it, he winked and said, “Let’s go talk.”
They never did talk. Instead, walked out of the airport, and into a cab. Next thing Donna knew she found herself in a huge fancy hotel room, wrapped in his arms. A light snore beside her had Donna replaying just how they’d gotten there.
Instead of speaking, mate had lead them out of the airport, hailed a cab, and told him where to go. Need to mark him as mine, surged over me. It appeared mate battled as well. They started out with a large distance between them, by the end it had disappeared.
Control had been maintained by neither of them speaking. No names were even exchanged. Kind of funny and explained why I found myself marked and mated to my Mother Earth mate and didn’t even know his name. Second thought, speaking might have been a better option. There was no reversing it, even if I’d wanted to. And I didn’t. 


REMEMBER THIS IS A  a work of fiction. All names, characters and events are from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or person is purely coincidental.

Uploading and distributing this book by any means without permission from the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © Julia Matthews December 201

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