Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 2, 2013

Changes I’ve noticed in my writing.

My writing has grown over the last two and half years. I’ve worked hard at bettering my knowledge of grammar, as well as what all in entailed in creating an enjoyable book, or short story. I started out helping my mother, Vickie Matthews, who is the co-author to Journey To A Mate, the 1st book in the Journey Series. That sprang to life book two: Anything For A Mate, the third book, Claiming My Mate, and the fourth books, that will conclude the series. (Don’t worry there’s more stories in the works.)

Not only have I been studying up on grammar, but I’ve been using other resources like the Writer Digest Webinars, which have really helped me in loads of areas. Like with plots, stronger openings, and self-publishing. Not only that they help me find ways to keep myself motivated. I strongly encourage anyone who’s interested in finding out about self-publishing, mainstream publishing or writing tips to check their site out.

Being a self-published or traditional published writer doesn’t mean we can stop educating ourselves. Every job that I know of these days, require continual advancing skills due to all the new technology among us today.

Another area they’ve helped me grown in is outlining my work. Still debating just how important this is to me. Mind keeps going back and forth. That leads me into next weeks post. So for this week, I’m wishing everyone a great and enjoyable one. I know I’m going to be busy at work on revising Book 4, the final novel of the Journey Series.

Hope all has an amazing week. 

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