Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 23, 2013

Section 4 of Life Turned Upside Down: Miss Donna's Story

Life Turned Upside Down
Miss Donna’s Story
Julia Matthews
(section 4)

“Yes. I have a message for you.” Seer Diego pushed off the tree and came closer.
A message from a seer was not something any pride member ignored. And right then Donna was still a pride member, therefore listening was the only option. Anything else would have warned Seer Diego that something was off.”
“What is it?”
“Don’t bother putting on a air of happiness. I know what has happened. It triggered my vision.” Seer Diego scanned the area. “A very good one if you listen to it.”
There was nothing to lose, besides time, which at that moment there was plenty of. “Go on.”
“Your Mother Earth mate will be found soon. A very blessed young girl will be born to you.”
Donna felt a small smile form.  And listened a bit more intently.
“Your daughter will be special in many ways.” Seer Diego took my hand. “Not only to you and her father, but to the entire supernatural world.”
I squeezed her hand and asked, “What will happen to Tally?” Sounded like a stupid question to ask after being told about your future, but it felt right.
“You are truly perspective.” Seer Diego winked. “Our future pride master will aid your daughter as her Mother Earth mate.”
That explained why I’d always been pulled towards Tally. At first, I’d even thought we were mates. Lack of a mating scent had dismissed it. Felt good to know why, but left me with another major question.
“Seer Diego, what do I do next?”
“Ah, child you are not lost. Please rid that from your voice. You are only floundering, and will find your way soon as you follow your heart. It never fails you.”
Seer Diego patted her cheek, turned Donna back towards town and gave a small push forward.
Donna walked, leaving her standing there. Felt like Seer Diego watched till I was out of sight. Once in town, I used my birthday cash, and grabbed a cab to the airport. Money in my checking account bought a ticket to the United States.
Made a fool out of myself when I walked up to a ticket line and requested a ticket on the first flight to United States. Ticket woman looked at me and asked, “Be a bit more specific. It’s a large place.”
Since I’d already opened Fools R’ Us, I continued down it by telling her whichever one left next. Ticket woman shook her head and type on the computer. A few seconds later, with ticket in hand I boarded a plane. Once on board, I looked at my destination.


REMEMBER THIS IS A  a work of fiction. All names, characters and events are from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or person is purely coincidental.

Uploading and distributing this book by any means without permission from the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © Julia Matthews December 201

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