Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 30, 2013

Section 8 of Life Turned Upside Down: Miss Donna's Sotry

Life Turned Upside Down
Miss Donna’s Story
Julia Matthews
(section 8)

“Keith,” I yelled after shutting the door, and shoving another letter from Tally into my pocketbook.
“Coming,” Keith yelled from his office area.
Soon as Keith got within sight he stopped and looked around me. “Where’s Kelly?’
Shit. I’d done it again. My mind was getting really bad. This was not the first time I’d forgotten to get Kelly out. I know she’s there, and how important it was to take care of her. Just like I knew the hidden letters of Tally’s come for a reason, but not why. It’s why they got hidden. Keith worries way too much. No sense in adding more. He’d worried since my returned from that short visit to London.
“Don’t worry. Your hands were full. I’ll go get her.” Keith swatted my rear-end as he passed me. “Take those on in and we’ll join you in a minute.”
I sat the bags down, and flopped onto the couch, burying my face in my hands and mumbled, “Mother Earth what is wrong with me. Can’t take living like this any longer. Sadness, and forgetting the most important thing in my life is not a life.”
“There, there,” Keith soothed a crying Kelly as they entered the hallway. “Mom had both arms full. She couldn’t carry you and all those bags. Daddy should have been paying attention and came to help her.”
Man, Keith was a saint. Luck had been on my side when Mother Earth mated us. How in the world could I continue living like this? If I do, it will only cost him and Kelly. Keith is a powerful man, whose dream to be on the Supernatural Council won’t come true if his mate can’t live properly. Kelly’s life will be even harder with a mother who can’t remember to bring her in. What if I forget her completely and something happens. Not something any mother could live with. Nor wanted to think about what could happen.
Keith sat Kelly down on the floor. “Go play, and let daddy help mom.”
Kelly walked over, looked up at her and smiled so loving then scurried over to her toy chest.
“Donna,” Keith’s concerned voice drew my attention. “Why don’t you go take a rest, I’ll watch Kelly, and put these away.”
“You sure.” Donna knew there’d be no resting, too much to figure out. No way could I let my deteriorating health destroy Keith and Kelly’s entire life.
“Go on.” Keith kissed her and gave a little push towards the hallway.
I spent two hours laying on our bed, remembering those first three weeks of our lives. They had been so much fun. Love filled. There’d been lots of fun over the last two years, but lately, bad things out weighed those. It was time to end my own suffering, and any future suffering, which meant convincing Keith. Won’t be easy, but Kelly deserves a happy, and easy life. I’m no longer able to provide it, and a Mother Earth mate won’t follow his mate into the after life with a young child to care for.
“You sleeping?” Keith asked from the doorway.
“Nope. Kelly asleep?” Keith nodded and walked toward the bed. “Can we talk?”
“Of course.” Keith pulled her into his arms. “What’s on your mind?”


REMEMBER THIS IS A  a work of fiction. All names, characters and events are from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or person is purely coincidental.

Uploading and distributing this book by any means without permission from the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © Julia Matthews December 201

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