Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Hope all had an amazing July 4th. I sure did. Got loads of work done, and it’s a good thing with so many ideas floating around in my head. Who knew one small brain could hold so much. Wait, it doesn’t always. It gets overloaded and refuses to work at time. More like it go berserkers when it shorts out. But when the ideas hits you’ve got to find someway to avoid all the craziness that comes with so many zooming in on you faster than a closing wall.

As I stated in last week’s post, I found my self in a tight pickle while writing Journey Revealed and Witch & Wolf. Four different series ideas developed within days of each other. Wouldn’t have been so bad if one had taken route and slowly began to develop. But unfortunately, my brain didn’t take pity on my all ready stressed out body.

I attempted to get them out of my head, temporarily at least, by jotting them down and putting them aside, while I finished up the other two books, or tried to. But when something grips you tighter than a wrench around a stubborn bolt you find yourself at the end of a losing battle of sorts.

It’s why I found myself and still find myself working on a different future book each day. Sometimes, even multiple books in one day. It quickly got me to my breaking point, which is why I finally chose two books to work on and sat the rest aside. Didn’t work out well.

Let me telling you, forcing your brain to shut down doesn’t work. At least, in my case it didn’t this time. There was small good point about the entire situation. Since, I always tend to write my series in order, I only found myself struggling over the first four books in four series, and a second book in a series all ready out and a non-series book. Way better than the total of books each series would at one point and time hopefully provide. Still working on that many at one time is stressful. I fear I will slip up and cross the names up. Worse than that it slows your writing process down.

Now, I’m not saying having so many ideas is a bad thing, because it’s not. I’m excited to know that I have so much creativity running amuck. But it’s a challenge. One I’m more than ready to face head. Chapter by chapter they are coming together, and before long I will have more books for you guys.

All of you have a great week and remember:

Readers let that imagination soar with each book you read.
Writers, let that imagination fly while writing.


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