Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 21, 2014

Writing to Reading

As a self-publisher who rarely out sources any aspect of a book preparation I thought it’d be nice for my readers to know how I view writing and reading. To me, there are two kinds of reading. Work Reading and Fun Reading. There are also two kinds of writing. Writing and Journaling.

As a self-publisher, I have to find away to keep these two separate or I begin to feel overwhelmed and they cease to be helpful for me. So how do I do it?

Good question, but not one easily explained. I’d like to say I write two different times and the journaling never crossing into my story writing. It’d be a big lie. Sometimes what gets put in my journaling gets used as parts of my story, but I think that’s what makes me the writer I am. I, like most writers, will tell you that we don’t and can’t pick and chose the things that expires us. If some event ends up in my journal that stands out and makes me laugh, or feel a certain way that pertains to a story then I use it as my muse. In some cases, what I’ve written for a story had hit home in some way in my personal life and it leaks it way into my journaling. Those are the moments I like best. Because if I can write something that sets me to thinking about my own life, then I believe I’m reaching others in some way, which is what I inspire to do with my writing. Rather it’s an entertaining story, a dead serious moment in a story that hits the deepest part of someone or if my writing creates that ah moment for someone.

As for the two types of reading, well that gets a bit dicey for me, because I read about 3-5 books a week. Less when I’m in editing mode. There’s just something about being in full-blown edit mode that destroys my ability to read for enjoyment. It’s like my brain won’t shut down from hunting down those pesky errors and that distracts me from the story I’m attempting to enjoy. So, when I’m editing I read less.

Work reading is both fun and aggravating. Depends on if it’s research related, or trying to gain a better perspective on a certain style of writing. Researching can be boring to me and I tend to get distractive very easily. It’s why I strive to avoid this kind of reading, but at times it is a must and I bite the proverbial bullet and get it done. Perspective gaining reading most of time turns into enjoyment, if I’ve chosen a very good book to read then I get both new information on a style of writing and enjoy an amazing book. Noting wrong with accomplishing both in one task, not when you are a writer.

Hope this week’s post enlightens you a bit more about me, and gives you a bit more insight into how some self-publisher do things. Have an amazing week and remember,

Let your imagination soar when your read or write.


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