Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas is three days away, most are rushing around finishing up those last minute items. Use to, I loved the last few days. It was a rush to mix in among the last minute shoppers and wonder what kept them from being safely tucked away from the crowds. Was it similar to mine, last minute guest arriving, or were they simply procrastinates.

Note that I mentioned used to, these days my shopping is done by Thanksgiving and there are no last minutes presents to buy. Doesn’t mean there aren’t those last minute grocery items I won’t have to rush out and get. I’ve been known to forget the eggs or butter. Last year I was at the grocery store right before they shut down for Christmas Even because I forgot to buy the pumpkin. Can’t have the Christmas Eve meal without some Pumpkin Pies or Pumpkin Bread.

My goal is to always avoid these situations, but they always appear. Sort of like, the stories I create. They show up out of the blue, just like the pumpkin that I know I bought last year vanished. Now, I’m not saying the stories are bought by my pumpkin-snatching dad, but they come from somewhere and half the joy of creating theses stories are discovery the spark of ignition. Just like swearing my dad snatched the missing required grocery item is a major aspect of the Christmas Even meal.

Each holiday is made up of little things that increase our longing for the day to come. I hope the stories I create give you some sense of enjoyment. I know it can’t match the thrill of family traditions, but if it can come close than I’ve achieved my desire with my story. Everyone have a wonderful, happy Christmas and remember the true meaning of the season.

Merry Christmas.

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