Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 1, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene – Slam head against the wall.

This week’s post is coming from me having writer’s block. I sure fill like I’ve hit my head against the wall for days. Not a feeling I like. Hope this little flash fiction scene unblocks me.
Have a great week and remember . . .
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
“Ninety-nine what?” Robert propped himself against his lover’s back and slipped his arms around his waist.
“Stop.” Karl wiggled, but failed to free himself. “Let me go. I’ve got to - -“
“You aren’t going to sit here and recount the invitation again.” He’d told his lover five hundred times over the last two days that it didn’t matter if they were one short.
“It matters.” Karl sighed so hard that Robert’s arm lifted and fell with him. “This is the most important day in our lives. I want it right. It won’t be right if we are missing an inviation. Someone will not have a - -“
“It’s going to be okay.” Robert kissed his lover’s neck, licking his way up to the soft spot behind his ear. “I’ve ordered another box.”
“Wasteful.” Karl tilted his head to the left. “I hate . . . Oh, god. Do that again.”
Robert pulled Karl closer and nipped the base of his neck, earning a deeper moan. “That’s it.” He took a step back, taking his lover with him. “Time we have some fun.”
“Fun . . .  Yeah. That’s what . . Oh, god.”

Robert followed Karl down as he fell onto the sofa.

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