Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 7, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


The past week was busy, so I am looking forward to taking you two on a special trip into my mind this week. There is no saying, no photo, or anything else that this scene comes from. It simply is what came to my mind as I sat in the coffee house. Hope you enjoy and remember let your imagination soar when you read.


* * *
Age 18 and Up.
If under 18 leave
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Sexual Content
* * *

“That’s it.” My body arched up as Damon ran his smooth fingers across the top of my cock. It was beckoning for his touch, but it never came.

“Not yet, lover.”

“Please.” What was I begging for? More of his touch? Yes. Him to rush? Yes. His love? Yes.

“We have to stop.” My mind might have been thinking logical, but my body betrayed me. It arched into his touch, sighed from the tingling sensation racing up his spine. “Don’t stop.”

“Which is it, lover?”

Both. Neither. Stop. Go. Keep it up. Who was he kidding there would be no serious talk tonight, which is what Damon had wanted. Only time Damon brought out the gentle touches and lover talk was when he did not want listen to what I had to say. And with good reason.

“You with me, lover.”

Hot breath brushed across his ear as long hair fluttered across his bare chest. Where had his shirt gone? Had he taken off? No. Shit. He was further gone in the midst of Damon’s distraction than ever before. He always remembered to halt it before clothes were taken off.

“Crap.” I gripped the back of Damon’s head and twisted it so I could claim his mouth. If his lover was going to beat him into submission then he would chose when he gave in and if he gave in with a fight, or not.

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