Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge word of the day - Judgement

We all known or have heard of tarot cards. Well the Judgement that I’m talking about is the 12th Major Arcanum of the tarot. It usually bears a Christian image of resurrecting the dead, with an angle blowing a trumpet, while the newly risen climbs out of their grave.

In the Golden Dawn system, this Arcanum is assigned to the Hebrew letter Shin. The French assigned it to the Resh. In Divination it often means a settlement, or outcome of an affair. Even renewal or rebirth

However, its magical name is “Spirit of the Primal Fire”.

Who would of ever guessed that one world could have so many different meanings, other than the most common one. Guess if you really take time to think about it each and every words has man meaning depending on the way it’s being used. Gives me reason to stop and think of how many different ways we truly use one word.

Here’s an image and the link that I found it on:
Hope all enjoy today’s post. Remember if you are interest in finding out more about the Occult there’s plenty of other topics listed in the book that I’m getting this information from. So, check out the resource book: 

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer.
This particular word can be found on page 249.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out what word I chose that begins with the letter “K”.

Have a great day and remember:
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  1. I have several sets of Tarot cards and all of them feel different. That image you show is from the Rider Waite deck, a very classic deck :)
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  2. Funny the ideas that spring into your head when you visit people on the AtoZ - thanks for a great plot thought! Must go and write it down.
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  3. I like paranormal stories and know that tarot cards play its role in these. The information is helpful and interesting. Been reading blogs about vampires and now tarots. I see the signs now. AtoZer

  4. Great post - I love the tarot and find it a really exciting way to explore my inner self.

  5. I've had many friends who use tarot, they seem to be a very good system for helping sort out your own thoughts, at least that's what one of them used to say she used them for.
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