Journey Series

Journey Series

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge word of the day - Undines

There were only six words for me to choose from so today’s word choice was easier than any other one. I chose the word Undines, which in ceremonial magic relates to the elementals of water. Each element has their own king, the king of the water element, is called Nichsa.

Today’s post is short and sweet. We have only five more days left before the A to Z Blogging Challenge is over with.

Have a great day and remember all the information for this post was found in:
The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer.
This particular word was found on page 497

Have a great day and remember:
 Let Imagination Soar
Write and Read With Creativity
Julia Matthews


  1. Another new term for me, most informative, thank you :) It sounds like a water word as well as if it has movement like travelling water.
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  2. Water elementals = undines, I didn't know elementals has specific names - useful info, thanks.
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  3. I like Undines. I always wondered what the difference between these and say a mermaid or a Nereid.

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches

    1. I'm not sure if there's much a difference at all. In Wikipedia, Nereid is a Greek sea nymph. Undines is a Latin word meaning "a wave" and the Wikipedia refers you to nymph as well as a couple other. So, it may be a cultural aspect that makes them different as well as how each area views them.