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Journey Series

Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge words for the day - Drawing Down the Moon & Druid

Today, I chose two words. Couldn’t decide which would be more interesting.

Drawing of the moon, is a modern Wiccan and Pagan practice. It’s an invocation of the Goddess into a coven member. Most of the time it’s the High Priestess. This plays a major role in many rituals, especially those involving the Great Rite. What really interested me about the information on this word was that the Thessaly, were believed to be able to call the moon out of the sky. Was suggested this ritual came from a surviving texts in which the full moon’s light was reflected by a mirror into water or oil. Done as a way to consecration.

Druids are from a religious group of Celtic (somewhat at least) people from Western Europe. Keeping a written journals was forbidden, so there’s little information on them. What little is known comes from Greek and Roman writers, and later Christians missionaries. It only fills a few dozen pages. Archeology can provide a little more, there’s very few accurate answers to most questions about them.

Greek and Romans divided them into three groups. The Ovates, who practiced divination and studied nature. Bards, whose poetry and music formed the memory of Pagan Celtic culture. Then there was the Druids proper, who taught students and superintended at sacrifices to the Gods.

Early Christians writers portrayed them as sorcerers who call on demons in attempt to hinder Christianity. There’s many well core truths to Druids being magicians, most of it comes from folklore in Ireland and Wales. Like most Occult religions Druids faced persecution. They’ve also been associated with the lost continent of Atlantis. People even thought they came from outer space. Ancient Druids served as primary inspiration to the modern tradition of Drudiry.

I’ve heard a lot about Druids from watching TV and reading other fiction books. Never read up on it much, so that’s why this interested me. I always viewed them as more a mean spirit, mainly because the books I read or shows I watched had them as evil spirits, instead of humans. They always held a magical aspect in the ones I’ve watched or seen, but still it shows how a small amount of information about a subject can lead to many fictional stories written about a particular subject or topic.

Hope all enjoyed today’s post and comes back tomorrow to find out what word I chose that begins with the letter, “E”.

Have a great day and remember:
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Julia Matthews

If you liked this little piece of information there is more to find about related topics on all things Occult related in the book that I got this information from.)

* * * These word and information came from, The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer. These particular words can be found on pages 136-137 and 139-140. * * *


  1. So that's what Drawing Down the Moon means - I'd seen it written down, but never really understood the intent behind it. Druids have had a bad press thanks to them being the opposition for the people who wrote the only histories of them we have. Modern druidry is an interesting way of life.
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  2. The different ways we celebrate oneness with deity is always interesting. Good post!

    A to Z participant at Between the Keys

  3. Thank you for educating me again, I did not know much of this. It is a shame we have such biased views of ancient rituals a lot of the time.
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