Journey Series

Journey Series

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge word of the day - Zodiac

I’ve looked forward to posting the word I chose for the letter “Z” since the first of the month. I’ve always found this topic interesting and think other have as well.

Zodiac the circle traced by the sun during its movement through the heaves. It’s divided into 12 sectors, which are associated with a Glyph and a symbol. I’ve attached a couple of photos below of the Glyph and symbol.

Have to admit I’ve truly enjoyed participating in this challenge. I’ve not only been able to spend time going through a resource book of mind, I’ve learned lots of new information and even gained some intriguing ideas for my writing. Hope everyone whose read any of the posting on the Occult theme has as well.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting the blogs of other participants. 

Have a great day and remember all the information for this post was found in:
The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer.
This particular word was found on pages 528

Have a great day and remember:
 Let Imagination Soar
Write and Read With Creativity

Julia Matthews


  1. Thanks for all your posts about the occult - I learned some things :) It's been a fun A to Z!
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    1. Thanks for visiting all month long. Glad I was able to provide a bit of new knowledge. Visit again.

  2. I did Zodiac today too!

    Thanks so much for a month long of great posts. So glad I got to find your blog!

    Timothy S. Brannan
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    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you visit again.

  3. Hello Julia, Congratulations on completing the challenge. Wasn't it fun?

  4. It's been such a fun fest and thank you for joining in out little mini-hop as well. Congrats on posting everyday and completing the whole challenge.
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