Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 16 of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2016

For those of you visiting my blog this is day 16 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today’s corresponding letter is “P” Today I chose the names Paul and Peter.
Enjoy today’s post and remember to let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great day.
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What had he been thinking. He hadn’t been. He had been, but with his dick instead of his brain. What a freaking cliché mess he’d gotten himself into. What was he suppose to say to the man. “Sorry, I asked you out on a date, but I can’t be seen out on the town with you.” Yeah, that’d get his ass kicked for sure.
“Hey, Paul. What you doing on this side of town?”
So not who he wanted to see. Peter was the biggest gossiper around. He’d have no qualms about running straight to his church going parents, shouting about how he saw their son gallivanting around town with a man.
“Just took a walk.” How much lamer of an excuse could be given?
“Thought you only wore that question mark keychain on special occasions.”
Paul did. It had been his brother’s and he’d left it with him the day he shipped out to Afganstan. His brother wasn’t one of the lucky ones who made it back home. His brother had been a rock for him. He had known his preference for men and told him it made him better than most people around the world. That he knew what loving someone for life meant if he could show anyone such deep devotion. His brother had told him multiple times to stand up to their parents and be himself. Paul told his brother that when he came home from the war he’d do so. His brother had slapped him on the back and said deal, but don’t stop living until then.
“Paul, you okay?”
What was he suppose to tell Peter? He wasn’t? He was letting his brother down. He’d wore the question mark because today was the day he was going to be in public with his lover of two years. He’d wore it to honor his brother’s memory and a promise he’d made to him.
“Paul,” Tommy’s voice flowed from behind him, easing the tight muscles in his shoulder.
Paul spun around and held his hand out to Tommy, before he gave a second thought as to who was around.


  1. Aw!
    I actually teared up a bit. I'm glad Paul is taking the crucial first step towards his happiness with Tommy.

  2. Thanks for sharing.