Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 3 of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2016

For those of you visiting my blog this is day 3 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today’s corresponding letter is “C” Today I chose the names Cody and Clyde.
Enjoy today’s post and remember to let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great day.
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He gave his rich brown horse a small nudge to the ribs as he did a mental double check of his supplies.
Sleeping bags. Check.
Lube. Check.
Condoms. Check.
He had the main three items that was needed for his and Cody’s night out. It’d been a month since the two of them had been able to sneak away from the farmhouse. Oh, they had their own room, but there were also four other hands that lived in the house. All of which, were straight. Didn’t seem fair, or Cody didn’t thinks so, to give them a quick lesson on how to male lovers could get when riled up.
“Where you off to boss man?” Clyde asked as he rode up black haired horse up beside him. “Got a hot date I should know about?”
“Sure do.” Clyde grinned at his lover.
“Sounds like a hoot. Where you taking her?”
“Now, Cody Rambler, you know me better than that. I’m a true gentleman.” Clyde winked. “And it’s not a her.”
Cody’s dark brown eyebrows shot up in mock shock. “Well, then. Just what is it?”
“A stud with all the right parts to make me scream his name.”
Cody reached out and tugged on his reins, stopping both of their horses. “Then give me a preview of what’s to come for this stud of yours.”
Clyde had no problem doing so. He leaned over and ran his tongue over the contours of his lips and then up to his ear. He nipped the soft skin right behind Cody’s ear and then said, “Why don’t I just show you, stud.”

Clyde felt Cody shiver and drop his reins. Next thing Clyde knew Cody had kicked his heels and was racing toward the path that lead to the creek they spent many of nights at.


  1. Love the playful teasing relationship between Clyde and Cody! :D

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  3. Sorry about that. Idk what google is doing with my comments today. LOL

    Anyway, what I was saying is that I like these two! They seem fun and teasing and cute together. Is this part of a larger story or just a bit of flash fiction?

    Kat Morrisey @ Lost & Found in Fiction

    1. This is just a scene flash fiction. I'm using names to create a short scene in order to give writer's, including me, possible story ideas.