Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 4 of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2016

For those of you visiting my blog this is day 4 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today’s corresponding letter is “D” Today I chose the names Daniel and Doris.
Enjoy today’s post and remember to let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great day.
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Adult Content
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Doris sat there staring at the door instead of answering it when the bell rung. How had she gotten herself into this mess? She wasn’t irresponsible. Okay, just once, and boy was it a doosy. The bell rang a second time, forcing her to get up and open the door.
Daniel looked as sexy as he had three months ago when they’d met at the bar and then left together. His rich chocolate colored hair sway to the left with a little curl at the tip of his bangs. His bright smile made her knees go weak. Okay, that might have been due to why she’d reached out to him after three months.
“Hi, how are you?”
“Fine.” What a lie Doris. “Come on in, Daniel. Would you like something to drink?”
“No. I’m fine.” Daniel took off his windbreaker and laid it over his arm. “I was thrilled to hear from you.”
He was then, but would he been when she told him her news. Would he think her a slut? Someone after support? Doris wasn’t neither. She didn’t need anyone’s money. Her parents left her well off. She wasn’t someone who slept around. Daniel was the second man she’d ever been with.
“Doris,” Daniel touched her arm. “You okay?”
“Yes.” No. “Why do you ask?”
“You’re whiter than the curtains hanging over your bay style window.”
“Oh.” Doris sighed. “Let’s take a seat. Got something to tell you.” She sat down in the recliner, hoping the distance between them would give her a bit of courage.
“Shoot. Can’t be as bad as what your face says it is.”
She hoped he didn’t think so. “Keep that thought in mind.” Doris sat up a bit taller and squared her shoulders. “You know how we got carried away three months ago?”
“Sure do. Most amazing night in my life.”
“Well, I hope you still think so.”
“Why would I not?”
“I’m pregnant.” There was the reaction she was looking for. White as a sheet of paper and an open mouth. What she hadn’t expected was the huge smile that fell into place a second later.
“You are?”

Doris nodded, but before she stopped Daniel had her up in his arms, placing light kisses over her face.


  1. Aww! I'm so glad Daniel took the news well! <3

    Great piece, Julia. :D

  2. Well that was unexpected! Usually I beg for more after short little stories like this but today, I am satisfied to imagine their happily ever after without any more details :-)