Journey Series

Journey Series

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Day of A to Z April Blogging Challenge A=Acknowledge

Hi all,
Today is the first day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. Each day this month, besides Sundays, I’ll be posting a chapter of the story called:
Each chapter will be titled with the corresponding letter of the alphabet starting with the letter “A”. Hope all enjoys the story and will check out other websites participating in the A to Z April Blogging challenge. For a full list of those sites you can visit: . Have a great day and enjoy todays’ chapter. Remember let your imagination soar while your read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

* * * Story Disclaimer * * *
This is an Adult Only Story. 
If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

Two weeks, two frustrating weeks and the hot blond hadn’t looked my way. Made no sense. It wasn’t as if the hot blond couldn’t zero in on me. We both carried the asterisk mark on our foreheads, which only other supernatural creatures could see. I thought he avoided confronting me because of the thick, heavy black cloud hovering over him. An odd thing for most supernatural creatures, considering how odd it was for one of them to be plagued by such a dark omen. These days blackness over a supernatural creature’s head meant they are plagued by sickness. I could care less if my hot blond is sick. I’d do anything to eliminate what is bothering him. I’d replace it with a shitload of happiness. Not the simple once in awhile variety, but the kind of happiness that never disappears.
One short lived glance is all it would have taken for me to deliver everything my hot blond could dream of. Doesn’t he want that? He could give me all of mine with a wink.
“Fuck!” I slammed my hand into the steering wheel.
A light tap on the window was followed up by a deep, authoritative voice. “Sir.”
I grumbled under my breath and forced myself to drag my attention away from the hot blond, who owned my heart.
“Yes, Officer.” Police interference wasn’t a good thing.
The lanky office shifted his stance. “Is something wrong with your car?”
“No, sir.” Vagueness and short direct answers was my safest choice.
“Can I see your license then?”
“Sure.” Stupid, meddling cop.
I opened the armrest and retrieved the wallet bearing an American flag. In hindsight it had been wise of me to stash the wallet on top of the six other ones. Filtering through so many country identifiable wallets would have been suspicious.
“Here you go, Officer.” I offered him my license.
Lanky officer flipped the plastic rectangle over a couple of times, while running his fingers around the edge.
“Hmm.” Lanky officer handed my wallet back. “Mr. Vain Adams, care to explain why you’ve been sitting outside the café every day this week?”
About time this officer got down to business. Made me wonder which busy body, from the most well preserved main street I’d seen in years, reported an unknown, suspicious visitor. Perfect example of why my hot blond needed to acknowledge me.
“I asked you a question.” The lanky officer’s hand shifted to his holster.
I tapped the steering wheel, debating which disguise best explained stalking like actions. Researcher didn’t quite fit. Didn’t even come close to being my best option. Left me with either private eye or the truth. A pissed off Sham didn’t appeal to me.
Sham is an amazing handler. He swears he drew the short end of the stick when he was assigned to work with my snarky ass. Both us knows the real reason he was assigned. Our past history and friendship doesn’t mean he likes me spilling my guts. Sham alleges that each time he pulls my ass from the frying pan he is taken away from his precious donuts. Never understood his donut obsession. I thought bears had a thing for picnic baskets, so shouldn’t bear shifters.
Sham might joke around, but he was also a logical and rational man. He would choose the least dangerous way in any situation. Right then revealing my reason for being in town would create less work for Sham. If I hadn’t been scheduled to meet with Chief Parker within ten hours, I would have gone with the private eye cover story. 
“Office . . .” I glanced at the nametag, “Office Swift, if you contact Chief Parker and tell him my name he’ll supply you with your answers.”
Officer Swift shook his head, but removed his hand from his holster. “Why would I bother a busy man when I can get the answers from you. We can chit-chat here or downtown. Up to you, doesn’t matter to me.”
Surprise, surprise, I get a smartass cop. If rolling my eyes wouldn’t have came across childish I would’ve. Instead I gave a brush off shrug. “You could, but won’t.”
“Really? Why not?”
“You prefer to keep your job.”
Officer Swift’s hand flew to his holster and unsnapped it as he stepped back. “I value my job, which is why I’m here. Why are you staking the café out when Captain Stone’s son is inside?”
Most people offered up all kinds of information. Most of it didn’t concern my mission. One simple comment provided important facts on my mission in Dav Community.
“I assure you my being here has nothing to do with Captain Stone’s son.” Unless the hot blond guy is his son, if so, then my streak of poor luck is still intact. Because it would’ve meant my work in Dav Community was done and over with. My time in Dav Community wouldn’t end until the hot blond acknowledged me in some small way.
“Best if you explain your reason for being here.”
“Sure. Take me to Chief Parker and I will.”
Officer Swift pressed the red button on the walkie-talkie and requested assistances with a possible stalker. The lack of code usage spoke volumes as to how small the town was. And added more evidence for Chief Parker.
Officer Swift was sealing his own fate with Chief Parker and didn’t even know it. The image of Officer Swift receiving his verbal rimming was kind of comical, which had me biting my lower lip. Sure didn’t encourage me to volunteer what lay ahead for him. I might have done so, but before I could do so the hot blond exited the café.

His hair swayed in the light breeze, countering his stone cold face and rapid approach. The hot blond slammed an into Office Swift’s side the moment he was in reach. Officer Swift swayed back on his heels, somehow managing to maintain his footing.