Journey Series

Journey Series

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, Y Day. Y=Ying and Yang


Today is the Twenty-fifth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter Y. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Ying and Yang
“And you won’t.” Ronald, the eldest Spirit Council member aimed a small pistol at Sham’s computer and fired.
TeaLef, Jag, and me snarled at them all. Sham and Chief Parker gaped at the shattered computer for a second before they whipped their head around and roared at Ronald and the other four. The faint yellow flowing from Sham and Chief Parker alerted all suprenatrual creatures of a pending shift. It also had me sending out a fragment of myself. I tried to pull on the Spirit Council magic I possessed, but found the connection broken.
I was laughing before I knew it, which drew the attention to everyone and did the trick I had been planning on doing with the magic, stopping Sham and Chief Parker’s shift.
“Vain, Vain, did you truly think I’d entered here with you still in possession of your Spirit Council magic.” Ronald sneered at him.
I crossed my arms and leaned against the closet door, mainly to pin it shut since I could feel Beau’s impending entrance. Kinnely, the next to eldest Spirit Council member, who reminded me of a bull shifter when he mocked my stance, but sounded like a teenage boy stuck between his boyhood voice and his manly one, must have thought I was contemplating an attack. He lifted his gun and aimed it at me.
I grinned back at him and let my hand slip under my shirt. “You do realize how dangerous aiming a gun at me is?” I nodded toward my hand, which now held one of Sham’s homemade sleep gas bombs.
“Where did . . .”
“Dumb ass.” Ronald pushed Kinnley’s gun down. “We came here to eliminate traitors, not have them take us out.”
TeaLeaf and Jag huffed, but I saw their hands slipping behind their backs, where I knew at least a knife or a gun hid.
“Why take us out? All of us have done your dirty work.” I shrugged. “Infact, we were four of your top ten fighters.”
“Vain, dear friend, you might have been.” Ronald shook his finger at me. “But, you betrayed us. Turned your back on us.”
“How so?” I knew what he was talking about, but since he was in a talking mood I was going to get some verification of what I’d been thinking.
“You created the underground world.” A red headed Spirit Council member, which I didn’t know the name of. Kind of odd, I had met each of them at some point over the years, but his name escaped me.
“You are undermining the main reason we came here.” Adam, the youngest member of the Spirit Council stepped around Kinnely. “Why would you do this?”
“And how does assisting supernatural creatures wanting to go back to their homelands undermined you overtaking a land you’ve done gain control over.” I pushed against the closest door when it pressed into my back.
“You might as well let TeaLeaf’s son join us.” Ronald motioned for me to step aside.
“Don’t think so.” TeaLeaf said.
 “Why not? We’d stashed him to gain access to TeaLeaf, but TeaLeaf let others oversee of his son. Why would you do such a cowardly thing?” Ronald kept motioning for me to step aside, but I waved the little sleep gas bomb I held.
“My goal was to give my son a happy, safe, long life. Not lead my enemies to him.” TeaLeaf made a step towards Ronald, but Jag gripped his arm.
“Your lack of checking on him caused his misery filled life.” Ronald shrugged. “If you’d shown up I would’ve taken you and let him go live a peaceful life with the man his mother deemed fitting to raise her child.”
“Looks like waiting for you to show up allowed us to take out all the leaders of the underworld world.” Kinnely chuckled. “Better for us. Thanks.”
Vain banged his head against the door and Beau ceased trying to get out. “I’m still waiting to understand why the underworld would undermine your control over this world.”
“You’re so naïve.” The red headed Spirit Council member rolled his eyes.
“Enlighten us then.” I said.
“Vain, Vain. Why would I do such a stupid thing?” Ronald shoved the red headed guy back. “Keep your mouth shut, I run this show. You know that.”
“Why is that?” I barely suppressed my smile at how easy it had been to get them to start fighting among themselves.
“Because,” Ronald thumped his chest, “I’m the eldest Ying and Yang left alive. I myself am responsible for eliminating all peon’s and infestations among X-on and our secondary world.”
“But you didn’t succeed in ridding X-on of all Zebra’s did you?” TeaLeaf moved in front of Jag.
“He didn’t.” Sham said and moved to lean beside me. “I believe that’s why he wanted to control Earth.”
“How’d they find out all this?” Kinnely glanced at Ronald, who was tapping his weapon.
“Does ‘t matter.” Ronald aimed his gun. “All of them - - -”

I watched on as a seven foot, body builder man gracefully walked into the room, with four other men. They were in full army duds. Outfits I hadn’t seen since the Gutting War ended. Kind of freaked me out for a minute before the guys placed their guns against the temple of the each of the Spirit Council.

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