Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, April 10, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, I Day. I=Interesting


Today is the Ninth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter I. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

Beau’s silence and his motionless body caused my heart to pound, my thoughts to run away from me, the animalistic side inside me stalked and demanded to be let lose. I wanted to fragment myself, just so I could gage his internal thoughts, but an invasion of sorts made me feel as if I stole a private part of someone’s life. Left me one option, wait and pray. I feared Beau's delayed reaction meant he was bottle up his anger and I really didn’t want to be the one that was slammed with his . . .
Was all I could get out when Beau threw his arms around and locked his lips over mine. As confused as I was by the sudden shift of things, I couldn’t stop myself from taking control of the kiss. My tongue slipped between Beau’s thin lips and devoured every corner of the man’s mouth. The hint of vanilla crème and chocolate mingled with a hint of cola had me groaning. Instead of breaking contact when I needed to breath, I changed the type of fun we were having.
“Damn.” Beau arched his neck to the left when I trailed kisses from his mouth to the soft spot behind his ear.
I slid my hands around his waist, pressing my bulging cock against his hip. Beau reciprocated by squeezing the hell out of my ass and then slipping his hand under the back of my shirt.
“Your skin . . .” The light flick of my tongue around the shell of Beau’s ear had him groaning. Oh man! Do that again.”
Of course, I did as asked, but I also slipped my hand into the back of his tight jeans. Right then I hated the fact he wore tight jeans. They might show off one of Beau’s best assets, but it blocked my path to my favorite spot of skin, the top of a man’s crack.
I licked a path down his neck and over to his adam’s apple, nipped the area over it, then made my way to his other ear. “Your skin taste good, but I bet your cock will taste better.”
Beau shivered in my arms and slipped his hand between the small opening between us. “Find out.” He fumbled with the button on his jeans.
As hard as it was for me to not take him up on his offer there were a few things that needed to be cleared up. “Soon.” I forced myself to step back.
Beau followed me. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want your helpmate?”
Beau’s accepting words. Magical and made my second form all but coo like a newborn babe.
“More than anything.” I snaked an arm around Beau’s waist and yanked him back into my arms.
“Then why take your warmth from me?”
“Because there is . . .”
“He needed your acceptance.” A rich, husky voice said from the tree line of the clearing.
Beau tense in my arm and for the first time in my life I snarled at someone who I held the upmost respect for.

“Down, old friend.” Jag stepped into view.


  1. I just caught up with the last 3 parts (sorry, been busy) - things moved on pretty rapidly there ;P Pity about the interruption!
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles
    Wittegen Press

  2. Yeah, interruption was ill timed. But it will slow the pace down a bit.