Journey Series

Journey Series

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, P Day. P=Parker


Today is the Sixteenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter P. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

* * * Story Disclaimer * * *
This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

Beau and I were up at the crack ass of dawn. In some apsects it had been stupid for me to sleep after we spent most of the nigh groping, sucking, and rubbing off on each other. My  body had screamed for more of Beau,  but his youth and innocents squashed those thoughts. My refusal pissed Beau off until I explained how I wanted our first time to be somewhere special to us both.
“Ready, Vain?” Sham laid a hand on my shoulder.
Wasn’t sure how to tell Sham I was and wasn’t. My mind was on Beau or his lack of being at my side. He would’ve been if I hadn’t feared him being near Chief Parker until we knew he was alone. It’s why I had him hauled-up with TeaLeaf.
“Vain, you going to be able to stay focused?”
“Yeah.” I ran my hand through my hair. “Remind me why you are leading this meeting when he was reporting to TeaLeaf. Won’t it be suspicious?”
Sham shook his head. “Not really. Chief might have reported to TeaLeaf, but he knows I’m involved. Our closeness explains why. Plus, he hasn’t turned on me.”
Sham’s explanation made sense, but I still was a bit hesitate about trusting this guy after all of us agreed that Officer Swift hadn’t betrayed us. Sham swears up and down that Chief Parker wouldn’t betray him and run the risk of pissing him off. I wasn’t quite as sure. If Chief Parker hadn’t backstabbed them, then . . . They were left without an inkling of what was going on.
“Don’t lash out at me.” I glanced at Sham and gave him a weak smile. “Are you going to be able to handle things if Chief Parker is responsible for the fake email I received?”
Sham sighed and shook his head. “Take your place. Chief’s car just entered the parking lot.”
I darted over to the trees I’d chosen to use as a shield. There were about six huge pine trees clustered together. Their potent fresh pine scent would mask my own identifiable odor. For Sham’s sake I hoped not to have to stay hidden long. Sham swore he’d be able to tell with one question if Chief Parker betrayed the foursome squad. Sham hadn’t told me what question, but said I would now it when I heard it.
“Sobrino, come esta?” The tall, blond guy, who I presumed to be Chief Parker walked over and hugged Sham. Sham hugged the guy back and then took a step back. He shot a discreet glance toward the tree I was behind and lowered his head. Not enough anyone would’ve noticed, but I did because I knew Sham. The slight jester was his way of requesting forgiveness for not enlightening me of the fact that Chief Parker was family. Sham and his family hadn’t gotten along since he refused to live up to an arranged marriage. In fact, Sham had pretty much said none spoke to him. Sham had some explaining of his own to do once this shit with Chief Parker was straightened out.
Sham pointed to the rusted bench beside them. “Sit and answer me honestly.”
Chief Parker didn’t give any outwards sign of distress, beside the small tilt of his eyebrow.
“What game are you playing?”
Chief Parker’s eyes shot wide and he tensed up. “I’m not a fucking idiot. I wouldn’t play any game with you. I’m not blood to you.”
Not blood to him, then why had he called him nephew. Sham was digging himself into a major hole if this guy had indeed betrayed him.
“I know I’m not blood, but you are my uncle. That’s why I trusted you with this assignment.”
“I’ve done as you requested. Watched over Captain Stone and Beau. I reported to you in the way we agreed.”
“Really, then why change the method?” Sham slammed a stack of emails down.
I moved so I stood between two trees, ready to strike if Sham gave me the go ahead sign to approach or attack. An attack would only come if Chief Parker lied to Sham. For Sham’s sake I hoped he was able to motion me to join him. I really didn’t want to have to threaten someone Sham cared for.
“I didn’t.” Chief Parker reached for the emails. “Your go to guy did.”
“Wow! What do you mean?” Sham’s shoulder relaxed and the small frown that had been discreetly marring his face faded. Then he gently waved his hand at me. “Hang on a second before you answer.
I gave him a nod and tugged my phone from my phone and sent a text to TeaLeaf, letting him know I was inserting myself into the conversation. Which meant Jag would be headed this way, leaving Beau in the capable hands of TeaLeaf. Part of me was okay with that, but only a small part. I really wanted Beau at my side, so I could protect him, not someone else, even if it was his father.
“Sham, introduce me.” I said on approach.
“Chief Parker this is Vain Adams, this is my uncle’s helpmate.” I cocked my head at Sham, who gave me a one shoulder shrug. “Uncle Tob.”
“Fuck.” I covered my mouth and groaned. “Sorry, sir. I wasn’t aware.”
“It’s fine. Tob and I wasn’t out. I assume you know why.”
I did. Two major reasons, Sham’s family being the biggest and the fact that Tob was the most vicious bear shifter in the world. He led the final attack during the Gutting War, which is where he met his demise after taking out the largest human army, ending the war. Problem was, his injuries were to substantial and he died. Before his last breath was taken he informed his helpmate of a stash of bear shifter cubs and requested him to raise them.
I picked up the stack of emails and laid them in Chief Parker’s hand. “Tell me what you mean by the go to guy changed contact methods. Then look at those and see if those are the responses you sent.”
Chief Parker shot Sham a look and when Sham nodded he did as I instructed. The man sure wasn’t acting as if he’d betrayed anyone. He’d came alone. I’d not picked up on other scents and the slither of myself I sent out hadn’t picked up on anyone other than who belonged in the area.
 “I received an email about five weeks ago saying I should start sending my reports by email. I called TeaLeaf several times, but got no answer. I tried to call Sham a couple of times and got no answers. It seemed odd to me, but I knew Sham had to go underground sometimes so I assumed that something had gone down.” Chief Parker handed the papers back to me. “I can tell you nothing in these were sent by me.”
“I said I reported in by the arranged method and I did. When no one answered I filed no reports. Didn’t even right them down anywhere.” He tapped his head. “Each weeks is up here, safe and sound.”
Sham closed his eyes and groaned. My head thumped in time with some imaginary drum. This wasn’t what I’d hoped to hear.
“Vain, this isn’t good. No one has access to the knowledge I used to cerate our contact methods. Our emails are secure. If it wasn’t Chief or Officer Swift then who? Why?” Sham took the emails from me and flipped through the stack. “Chief, read these and let me know if anything in here is true or false.”
“Make it quick.” Jag said when he came from the tree lines. “I want to know who I get to chew up and spit out.”
Chief Parker shot to his feet and placed himself in front of Sham.
“Stand down, I’m no threat to anyone here, unless you are lying to me about my godson, then . . .”
“I’m not lying.” Chief Parker didn’t bother to move from his protectiveness stance.
“Sham, might be wise to enlighten your uncle who I am.” Jag cracked his knuckles.
Sham sniggered and laid a hand on Chief Parker’s shoulder. “Stand down, Chief. Jag is TeaLeaf’s. Just like Vain,” he tossed his head towards me, “is Beau’s.”
“Yeah, and mine is in danger.”
Jag huffed. “Like my helpmate would let anything happen to his son.”
I glared at Jag, who had enough common sense not to respond.
“Okay.” Chief Parker retook his seat and flipped through the printouts. “Recap here or somewhere else?”

“Let’s take it back to the others.” Sham tossed his kesy to me. “I’ll ride with Chief. You take Jag back and let TeaLeaf know we’re on our way to do a quick recap.”

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