Journey Series

Journey Series

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, G Day. G=Guardianship Revelation


Today is the seventh day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter G. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Guardianship Revelation
Took me all of five minutes to retrieve my hi-tech gadget, but half an hour to make sense of the file Sham had sent. A range of emotions twirled around me, each new sentence making them faster than any propeller could spin. The world I knew around me had came tumbling down. Wasn’t easy for me to comprehend the truth of the situation, which meant I’d have an even harder time convincing Beau.
Every muscle in my body was stretched tight. My heart thumped so loud I was sure even a human standing a mile away from me would’ve heard it. My head was so full of pressure I was having a hard time controlling my natural born skills. Not good for anyone, which is why it took me so long to located JackO Pond. Beau deserved the truth
“You okay?” A light hand touched my shoulder. “Vain?”
The voice eased the swirling thoughts. I wished to goodness it had done the same for the physical symptoms assaulting me.
I laid my hand over Beau’s and focused on the safe heaven Beau had chosen. Six huge oak trees, already barren for the upcoming winter season, surrounded the area. When the tree was in full bloom there would’ve been a canopy over the area.
“Nice spot.” I said and twined my fingers in Beau’s hand.
Beau sighed and then jerked his hand away. “What are you doing?”
Damn, not the reaction I needed from my helpmate. I didn’t need more pent up confusion lurking inside him. I needed him calm and steady. Ready to accept the biggest revelation in his life. I’m sure Beau had dreamed of understanding the reason behind his life for so long and what I found wasn’t easy to hear for me. And I’m a Blood Hound supernatural creature; my kind faced some of the harshest elements over the years of unpeace. We aren’t always known for rational and logical thinking during peace, because when we’re content our guards is down more than normal. But in a battle situation, we are roaring and ready to defend the ones we support. We make on our toe decisions and leave as little destruction behind as possible. We never purposely hurt an innocent. Never ones we care for, not even when they make a major fuck-up choice. And finding Beau has revealed at least two massive screw-ups on Jag’s and TeaLeaf’s part. Worse they’d endangered my helpmate and pulled Sham into the mix of it. One benefit on their side was they had no way of knowing Beau was mine.
I faced Beau, expecting to see disgust, but I found a little smile and bright shinning red eyes. Red eyes were common among demon’s of any kind when excited. A smile, of any size, was a universal sign of happiness.
“Come, take a seat and let me explain a few . . . way more than you’ll be able to understand in the time period I need you to.”
Long unorganized sentences weren’t my norm and had my beastly tendencies longing for release. Not something I could allow until there was someone to watch over Beau for me. Not only where they humans, deeply involved, so where the Honorable Rebels. The group of militates believed to be made up of human mercenaries who felt the need to rectify their government’s decision to bow to the supernatural creatures forceful attack.
“I’m sure I can follow along, just . . . please don’t feed me any more lies.”
Beau’s deflated tone revealed just how close to breaking he was. My job had become ten times harder and I didn’t know enough about Beau’s personality to know if slamming him with everything at once or small pieces at a time was my best option. From what I knew of TeaLeaft, which I was still debating if I should let the man live or not, Demon Delivers are somewhat unstable if untrained. It’d taken him his entire childhood to gain control of his spewing and mishaps.
“I won’t lie.” I grasped his chin. “I know you don’t understand why at this moment, but trust me, I can’t lie to you.”
Beau leaned into my touch. I doubted he realized he did. My best guess at the unconscious actions was his other side had taken note of who I was to them. The jester helped in a major way.
“You are what is known as a Demon Deliver. As far as the entire world knows your kind died out several years ago. I knew one still lived, but only a handful of people know about him. From what I read before arriving here only four supernatural creatures knew you existed.”
From what Sham’s email told me there should’ve been five knowing about him. For some reason the two amigos lied to Sham. Not odd. Those two asswipes would do anything if it achieved their ultimate goal.
“You were stashed with Captain Stone two years after your birth. Your father knew Captain Stone and trusted him.” Fucking misplaced trust, but still TeaLeaf wouldn’t have given his son over to just anyone. “El Reapers, like Captain Stone, are normally very protective over their children. I’m not sure what happened to make Captain Stone break his word to your father. I do know he will be paying for his betrayal soon as your . . .”
“Stop. Don’t say it. Don’t tell me my father is on his way here.” Beau shook his head. “I don’t want to see him. He made it clear how little he cared about me when he handed me off to that bastard the day I was born.”
Tears streamed down Beau’s face and the smile had been replaced with a frown. My heart ached for him. I wish I could take all of his pain, but I couldn’t. What I could do was enlighten him to a bit of unknown facts. It would be best if TeaLeaf did so, but if Beau didn’t start to grasp the overall picture TeaLeaf might lose any chance to explain to his son why he’d left him in the hands of Captain Stone. The truth of the situation was a bit twisted and wouldn’t make Beau any happier.
“Beau, baby, your father would never have handed you off to a monster, knowingly.”
“He did.”
“No. He didn’t. Your mother did.”
Beau clinched his fist and stared blankly at the tree to my left for a second or two. When he returned his face to mine I took it as a signal to proceed.
“Your father was on an assignment when you were born. Your mother told him of multiple threats delivered by the Honorable Rebels. The last two she mentioned came with a promise to eliminate you. She worried for your safety and requested permission to let a friend of hers keep you until his return.”
The black cloud was once again turning into a beautiful sunray, but Beau was doing his best at controlling his anger. His fist were clenching and unclenching. He was reminding himself to breath steady. I knew if it hadn’t been working to some degree I’d have been avoiding the black spray.
“His assignment took way longer than expected and he was captured. Two years later he escaped and came hunting you. He found out about your mothers death and who she’d entrusted you with. He located you and didn’t want to disrupt what looked like a happy two year old. The life TeaLeaf lived then was way worse than the one he lives now.”
Understatement and half. During the Gutting War he’d been the most desired target by the humans and the Honorable Rebels. They’d kidnapped his wife, tortured and killed her in the end all to gain knowledge she never once had. The loss of his helpmate had all but killed TeaLeaf. His son was the only thing that kept him alive those two years of his captivity.
“How so?” Beau sat down on a fallen log and motioned to the bare spot beside him.
I quickly explained more about TeaLeaf’s job and how he’d been living for the last two decades. Each word spoken seemed to dim the sunray, which was good.
“How do you know all this?” Beau picked up a discarded stone and skipped it across the pond.
“I was part of the four man team Tealeaf was assigned to.”
“You knew I was here?”
I shook my head. “If I had of you would’ve been away from that bastard Stone way before now.”
“I’m not avoiding your question, but are you sure you want me to answer that before you know more of TeaLeaf?”
“I need time to process what you’ve told me about my mother and this TeaLeaf guy.” Beau gathered a couple more stones. “Odd as it sounds, moving on will allow me to gage my own reaction.”

I understood him better than he thought.

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