Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, K Day. K=Kelp, Deadly Kelp


Today is the Eleventh day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter K. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Kelp, Deadly Kelp
I stumbled for the second time as Sham and me clipped our way through the trees. We’d walked about half the distance to my car when Sham finally paused. I stopped and watched him inhaled and exhaled. When he flashed a huge smile at me I sighed in relief.
“Uh, if we’re stopping can I have my answers?” Beau pinched my side.
Sham sniggered. “You think your helpmate earned answers?”
Beau gasped and pointed a finger at Sham, who wisely held his hands up while moving behind a tree.
“Sham, don’t antagonize my man.” I lowered Beau, but kept him pressed against me. “What have I asked you not to do the foursome squad?”
“But . . .”
I shook my head at Beau and placed a light kiss on his cheek. “For your answers. Before the humans made JackO Pond it was called a Kelp Ground.”
Beau raised an eyebrow. “Seaweed?”
“Wow, you weren’t kidding.” Sham remained behind the tree he’d been using as a shield.
“Kidding about what?” Beau all but growled.
I popped my neck. It was going to be a trying afternoon. Keeping Beau from attacking Jag and TeaLeaf would be a hell of a lot easier than keeping him from killing Sham. Sham was a great guy, but forgets to stop and think before he speaks his own mind. I like that fact about him when we aren’t in a tenuous situation.
“Sham, please keep your trap shut.”
“Don’t be telling him to do any of the such, if it regards me. I’m tired of being in the dark. Didn’t we have this discussion already?”
The sunshine radiating off of Beau was so bright my eyes hurt, but I held my ground. Doing so was a major risk, because Beau was right on the edge of spewing black water from every pore in his body. Little dots of thick black droplets were covering half of Beau’s exposed skin.
“Uh? I’m moving further back.” Sham darted to a tree about fifteen feet away from them.
“Beau, look at me.” I took his face between my hands. “Sham was noting his realization of what you’ve endured over the years.”
Beau didn’t move a muscle, but the droplets of water were becoming thicker. I was running out of time to calm him. If Beau spewed in the emotional state he was in, I wouldn’t be able to freeze it and we’d be overran by the any lingering Kelp.
“I hate fucking Kelp Grounds.” I muttered and dove in for a deep kiss, hoping a fun distraction would ease some of Beau’s rampant emotions.
He greedily let me in and returned each swipe of my tongue. Beau’s arms slipped around my waist and tugged him flush against me. Only one thing would’ve made it better, skin-to-skin contact. Felt as if we explored one another’s mouth for hours, but I knew it wasn’t. Might have, if Sham hadn’t decided to be a pesky, brother-like, best friend.
“Vain, man, we’ve got work to do.”
I didn’t get a chance to answer before Beau dropped his hand to my ass and squeezed them.
“Priceless.” Sham chuckled. “Doesn’t negate the fact that there is now pitch black consuming the mid-day sun.”
“And,” TeaLeaf’s voice came from above our heads. “his father prefers not to be scared or present during his son’s exploration of his helpmate.”
TeaLeaf’s comment was like ice water on me, but Beau didn’t appear affected one bit. In fact the little feisty guy responded by dipping his hand down my jeans.
I’d like to say I tried to stop his, but I didn’t. Couldn’t. He was blowing my mind with his boldness and blatant disregard of TeaLeaf’s feelings. I knew it was Beau’s way of deflecting his true feelings, but it could have enticed a deadly reaction from TeaLeaf.
“Well then.” Jag sounded as if he talked through a rag or his hand. “We’ll just explain what Kelp is and why it is so deadly to TeaLeaf and my godson.”
Beau broke the kiss and glared at Jag. “That’s twice you’ve said godson. Why?”
“He is.” TeaLeaf crossed his arms and redirected their conversation. “Kelp Grounds has nothing to do with seaweed. It’s a type of underwater supernatural creature, who believed their race was the strongest because they were deadly to the Demon Delivers. They’ve been extinct for a hundred years. Your great-great-grandfather eliminated the last one. The battle ended with his death as well, but he saved our races’ demise.”
I leaned my back against a tree and then tugged Beau into my arms. He ground his ass against me. I automatically thrust my hips into him and TeaLeaf curled his lips at me.
“Don’t let me stop you.” I shrugged and nipped Beau’s ear. “Behave or you’ll get me killed.”
Beau huffed and snuggled a bit closer to me. “How are they deadly to my kind?”
“They are the only race known that can drain our abilities.”
Beau sighed and looked back at me. “Are supernatural creatures ranked by the type of skills? Is it common for one supernatural to steal another’s skill?”
“No, son.” TeaLeaf answered for me.
I wanted to snarl at him for answering my mate when his question was directed at me, but I didn’t. If luck was on TeaLeaf’s side, answering Beau’s question might gain him a bit of respect from his son. If nothing else, TeaLeaf would be able to say he tried to correct his mistake.
 “Kelp were the only supernatural race who could steal abilities. They did so to increase their own powers, because the Kelps were ranked according to strength of power.”
“What type of power?” Beau once again directed his question to me, but this time I caught onto what he was doing.
Beau wanted his father’s to explain, but feared losing control if he looked at the man. I tugged his head to my shoulder and let him hide his face. TeaLeaft and Jag shot me a questioning look, but didn’t bother to wait for my answer.
“Kelp were a major source of Fawn Magic. There’s a bit of Fawn magic in each supernatural creature, but Kelp were said to be the main source of Fawn Magic. People say they had so much it would soak into the ground they resided on.”
I had forgotten that little fact. Explained the source of Captain Stone’s Fawn Magic. Also meant that Captain Stone knew about JackO Pond.
“We’ve got to get away from here?” Three sets of eyes pinned me down. “Captain Stone knows about this place.” Beau shook his head. “Baby, he has to. He was tapping into it’s Fawn Magic when I froze time.”
Beau stiffened in my arms and whimpered as tried to move closer.
“Vain, get my son to safety. I’ll take care of the betrayer.”

“Not wise.” Jag laid a hand on TeaLeaf’s arm and glared at him. It wasn’t one of those warning glares given by a friend who feared you were overstepping a personal boundary, but more of a lover giving a do so and I’ll leave your ass warning. Wasn’t a look the two amigos openly shared with one another. I’d only seen it twice since our squad was formed.

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