Journey Series

Journey Series

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, B Day. B = Beau


Second day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter B. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.


© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. 
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This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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“What the fuck you doing here? Did my damn father send you to spy on me?” The hot blond slapped Office Swift’s chest. “Did he?”
The muscles around my eyes stretched, but what all but made my mouth drop open was how a ray of sunshine seemed to be sucking up the blackness hovering above the hot blond. Witness something not seen among other supernatural creatures for many, many years, had my heart racing and my hands shaking. It also might explain why the hot blond hadn’t acknowledged me. His kind was an exception when it came to seeing the asterisk mark.
“Beau, stop it.”
Ah, more information. I had known Officer Swift would provide more information. Wasn’t so sure how good or bad this new piece was. I mean knowing my hot blond’s name is fucking great. And the name Beau enticed me as much as his sexy body. It also meant that Beau was indeed Captain Stone’s son.
Officer Swift grabbed Beau’s hand, but released it just as quick. “Listen to me, you are spewing.”
Spewing? I’d misheard. Officer Swift was human. He shouldn’t have known the term.
“Why did he send you this time?” Beau stomped his foot and spat on the ground. “Report to him on my location. Well, fuck him. This is my gosh damn time.”
Beau had spunk. Such fire would equal amazing fun in and out of the bed.
“Go tell my father to screw himself. On second thought . . .” Beau spun and stormed away.
Each step Beau took caused the ray of sunshine to ebb away and be replaced with his natural state of blackness. Seeing is truly believing, but I still pinched my arm.
“I presume that was Captain Stone’s son.” Officer Swift nodded and the sting in my arm faded.  “Doesn’t seem to like his father’s antics.”
Officer Swift sighed. “He overlooks the danger of being the Captain’s son.”
More like Beau’s natural state was dangerous to all humans and non-humans. From what I could tell he’d had little or no training on controlling himself. Not a good thing for someone like him. Then again Captain Stone might have feared someone discovering his son before he came into his full powers. Neither of those fit the situation as well as the fact that Captain Stone was being an overbearing, protective, jerk of a father, who hovers.
I gave a faint little chuckle and leaned back. “You do realize your theory about me is blown.” I was goading Officer Swift to gain my new objective. Police Station of Dav Community.
“I do?”
“Of course you do.” I gave him a one shoulder shrug. “ I would’ve followed the young boy if I was stalking him.”
“True and false.” Officer Swift waved to his car. “Get in the back of my car and don’t give me any shit. Yours will be fine here.”
“Sure, it’s your funeral when Chief Parker arrives.” I hit the lock on my key fob and strode over to the unmarked police cruiser. Twisting Officer Swift into doing my bidding was almost laughable. I might have done so if the impact of me being toted away by an officer hadn’t hit me. Looked as if Chief Parker had a valid reason for calling reinforcements in. A dirty cop did indeed lurk among the Dav Community Police Office. Not to mention poorly trained ones. Those were worse than dirty cops to me. They’d get someone killed quicker than a botched up investigation lets a murder walk.
“Help yourself by telling me why you were stalking Beau Stone.” Officer Swift pulled onto the pothole covered street.
“Wasn’t.” Not a total lie. I hadn’t known Beau’s name or who his father was. “Stalking is such a hard case to prove.”
Officer Swift whitening knuckles alerted me to how easily the man was irked. His response also told me he indeed knew his way around a suspect to some intent.
“Going to tell me why you want Chief Parker brought into this.”
“Still want him called?”
“Ah,” my hand flew to my chest, “you do care ‘bout your job.” I smiled into the rearview mirror being used to gage my reaction.
“Never said I didn’t. Not why I asked.”
“Then why bother.”
“You have one call coming. It would be best if you made it before we arrive at the station.”
“Really? Why’s that?”
“Once there Captain Stone ain’t going to allow any.”
“Can’t stop me.”
“Can and will.”

The day was getting better by the minute. Not only could I tell Chief Parker he had a dirty cop, but I also circled in on one. Where there was one, there was more, which gave me plenty of reason to extend my job assignment. Goodie, goodie, more time to unravel a few mysteries about my man, Beau.