Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, April 17, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, O Day. O=Officer Swift


Today is the Fifteenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter O. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Officer Swift
It had always amazed me how well the communities kept their businesses in such an almost pristine shape considering how most lived in unlivable places. Like in Dav there’d been a several large shops and coffee houses, yet there police department had been small. Piper Community even had a huge family style restaurant, yet both communities had homes that were all but fallen in around the occupants. Money didn’t go as far as it used to, but still humans wasted more on unnecessary things than was logical.
“This itches.” Beau scratched his chin and frowned. “Why do I have to wear this fake beard?”
“Office Swift knows us both. If he’s not been tipped off by Chief Parker we don’t want to alert him.”
There was a second, and bigger reason, but not one I was wiling to share with Beau. It would tick him off to know I feared leaving him alone. Sham had procured us all rooms at the local boarding house, another unusual aspect about Piper Community. In most areas you could find a house or two that would rent a room to a passerby, but never an entire house setup for rentals to the supernatural creatures.
“You really think Officer Swift, a trained policemen will fall for a measly false beard and your shades?”
“No, that’s why Jag has used some of his Two Faces skills and changed our facial features.” I pointed beside us to a mirror.
“Oh. Why couldn’t he make me look hot?”
“You are hot. No matter what, but I prefer your natural self over this one.”
“He’s here.” Beau took a sip of water and relaxed back in his seat.
We’d chosen a section of the restaurant with booths that had benches and chairs. The benches where connected to each other, which allowed me to eavesdrop on the conversation without Officer Swift taking notice.
“Take a seat.” Jag said in his normal tone, but the little hilt in his voice let me know he was still way to tired.
“How come we meeting in Piper?” Officer Swift asked.
I hated not being able to see his face. Facial features can tell so much about a person, but so could a voice. From Officer Swift’s confidence and strong steady tone the unexpected meeting hadn’t disturbed him. It would’ve been wiser to send a small section of myself over, but I needed to conserve my energy incase trouble found us.
“Had some people on my tail, didn’t want to lead them into the safe zone.” Jag said. “So, how’s things going?”
“Not good.”
Officer Swift must have shifted in his seat because I heard clothes rustling and I knew Jag would remain as still as possible, making sure I wouldn’t miss anything.
“Go on.” Jag said.
Jag was following the normal, casual and calm meeting protocol the Spirit Council installed in them during training. It was kind of scary how easily Jag could fall into old habits, considering him or TeaLeaf hadn’t been on an assignment since they’d faked their deaths.
“Some stranger is sniffing around.’ Officer Swift grunted. “Man’s persistent. Worse he says he knows Chief Parker. I took him in, but Captain Stone says he made his phone call and then left with Chief Parker.”
“You don’t believe Stone?” There was a silence and more clothes rustled. Beau squeezed my hand and darted his eyes to the left when I looked at him.
I looked up and saw Stone standing at the cash register. I stretched my arms over my head and let them fall behind my head, hitting Jag’s back. “Sorry, sir.” I said when Jag looked my way.
“No problem. These tables are extremely close, aren’t they?”
“Yep.” I tossed my head towards the door, knowing Jag saw who was here, but he turned back to Officer Swift and continued their conversation.
“Makes no sense. I mean the man never lets anyone make a phone call. Why would he allow a stranger who was requesting to call his boss in when he sent me to stake him out because the guy was sniffing around Beau?”
“Kind of odd. Has Chief Parker been in touch with you lately?”
“Every Friday after he reports in. Why? Something going down we need to know?”
“Not sure. Look at the cash register.” I grinned at Beau, whose mouth was hanging open. I wanted to reach over and kiss the shock away from him and tell him this was the perfect way to gage if Officer Swift and Stone was in cahoots or not.
“What’s he doing here?”
“Don’t bring attention to yourself.” Jag’s stern tone made me wonder if Officer Swift had made a move to get up. If so then it would further prove what I knew from his even and settled tone.
The man was not involved in whatever was going on, which pretty much eliminates the Honorable Rebels being in play. Which most likely meant Chief Parker had been compromised in some manner. Might have been easier on us if Officer Swift was the traitor. Honorable Rebels would’ve been easier to dispose of than the Spirit Council. If they were involved then it was most likely because they uncovered our connection to the underground world.
“There’s something going down.” Officer Swift’s tone took on a hint of edginess. “I can’t protect Beau if I don’t know what is going on.” There was a few seconds of silence then a sigh. “There has to be. We’ve not had a face-to-face meeting since Beau was ten. Why now? Why out of the blue? Is TeaLeaf here?”
Beau jumped when Sham slid in beside him and TeaLeaf made his way to Jag’s table.
“TeaLeaf? What’s going on?” Officer Swift offered him a hand, which TeaLeaf shook.
TeaLeaf hovered over the table for a second before placing his hands on the table. “We need to renegotiate.”
“You know I’ll do whatever needs doing to keep Beau safe. He’s sweet and a gentle soul.” Officer Swift’s voice had taken on a raspy sound that one heard when a lover discussed another. The change earned two menacing grunts and a deadly, yet faint howl.
Beau busted out laughing and I think Sham mumbled something about fathers, godfather, helpmates, and protectiveness. The entire encountered had been stupid on their part, because it drew attention to their tables and let Officer Swift know more than any of them had wanted him to know.
“Jag, drop the disguise.” TeaLeaf slid in beside Jag. “Vain, you and Beau come join us.”
“Wow, you know . . . Well that explains why he was asking for Chief Parker.” Officer Swift pointed at Beau’s hand, which I was still holding. “What’s going on with that?” He locked eyes with Beau.
“Watch it.” I snarled and shoved Tealeaf over. “Take a seat, baby.” Beau kissed my cheek and sat down. I dragged a chair up beside him.
“Uh, Jag? TeaLeaf?” Officer Swift hadn’t taken his eyes off of Beau.
“You got a question about my helpmate you ask me.” I snapped.
Jag grunted. TeaLeaf slapped his forehead. Sham and Beau chuckled.
“Got it.” Officer Swift held his hand up. “What you guys need me to do?”
Jag and TeaLeaf shared a look and then nodded to Sham, who laid a piece of paper in front of Officer Swift. I nudged it a bit closer and said, “Get in-touch with Chief Parker and have him meet you there at eight in the morning. You will be dogging Stone. Make us a list of everyone he has contact with on a daily and weekly basis. Clear?” Officer Swift nodded. “Send it to TeaLeaf in your normal contact method. By tonight would be best.”
“’Kay.” Officer Swift slid the paper back to Sham. “Anything else?”
“Yeah, keep your eyes off of my man.” Beau patted my arm.
“Will do.” Officer Swift stood, tossed some bills down and then left.
“What now?” Beau rested his head on my shoulder.

“We all go get some rest and meet with Parker in the morning.” I said and stood, tossing some more bills down. “Come on, baby.”

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