Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 6, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, E Day. E=Explanation


Today is the fifth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter E. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

The rubber-smoky scent of magic seeped into the air, surrounding the two small desk and Officer Swift and Captain Stone. The speed at which the scent grew confounded me. Captain Stone must have been pulling Fawn Magic from a powerful source. Only explanation. El Reapers were super fighters and fierce protectors of their children, but rarely depended on assistance from magic or anyone other than family.
“Explain who you are and where my son is. NOW!” Captain Stone rubbed his hands together. “You’ve got a second before I hit you with this.” He parted his hands, revealing a white sparkling, electrical ball.
The appearance of a normal sadistic El Reaper I know had me loosening my stance and inwardly jumping for joy about getting to play a bit.
“You have no son.” I wasn’t sure if my statement was true, but Beau’s departing comment told me more than he realized. “As for who I am . . . Well . . . in due time.”
“This will kill you in a matter of seconds.” Captain Stone tossed the ball back and forth between his hands.
“Go ahead. Give it a toss.” It was moments like this that I enjoyed being a Spirit Council Enforcer. The job came with some awesome benefits, like freezing time and reduced affects of most type of Magic. An electrical ball would kill anyone, but another Fawn Magic user, but the Spirit Council Magic reduced the effects it would have on me to a simple scorching.
Captain Stone lobbed the electric ball. I ducked, letting it fly into the wall. The impact shook the entire building. I half expected shavings of the ceiling to rain down on me. A second ball was flung at me. I tapped into the strongest skill I possessed and dematerialize, reforming behind Captain Stone. I slapped a pair of Magic Stopper handcuffs on him.
“Let me go you fucker. Who are you? Where is my son? What did you do to him?”
Captain Stone kept right on firing questions, while I explored the room. Photos of a six officers hung on the walls. There was one small jail cell. Two others closed off rooms. The police station fit the community, considering its size. Finally, I made my way to the two desks, stopping at the one closest to the door when I spotted a photo of Officer Swift holding a small strawberry haired girl. Without a second glance I moved to the other desk covered by a shit load of papers.
“So, Captain Stone . . .” I sat down in the chair behind the paper cluttered desk and kicked my legs up. “Ready to do a bit of explaining of your own.”
“Who the fuck are you?”
“Take that as a no. Well . . . maybe you’ll be forthcoming if I answer your question.  After all police officers are suppose to be helpful.” Doubtful, but worth a shot. “Names, Vain Adams.”
“What you want here?”
I shook my finger at him. “Tsk, tsk. Not how this works. How’d you become Beau’s guardian?”
The air crackled with the pending use of Fawn Magic. Captain Stone attempt at casting a spell told me his source was massive. Wouldn’t stop the backlash the cuffs would cause. I started to warn him, but my mind flashed back to him ordering my helpmate around.
A verbal arsenal of foul language spilled from his mouth when the Magic Stopper handcuffs released a large voltage of electricity, sending Captain Stone to his knees
“Shit, these are . . . Get these off of me. You have no right to confine me with such a foul contraption. You aren’t . . .” Captain Stone slumped over and groaned when it dawned on him who had bound him. “Where is my son? How did you find us?”
“Like I said, you have no son.”
“I do. He is my boy. I raised him. I protected him. I will die for him.”
Captain’s Stone’s quick change of attitude had me tapping my foot while I debated his sincerity. If he hadn’t kept Beau in the dark about what he was I might have given Captain Stone’s words more consideration as truth.
“If so, why keep him in the dark. You took his childhood. You isolated him.” I glared at him and pulled open the top drawer and flipped through the folders. “El Reapers, none I’m aware of, would behave so harshly towards their child.”
“What are you doing? Those are confidential papers, you can’t be reading them.”
“Can. Will. If you don’t believe me then I’ll let you call Chief Parker.”
Captain Stone’s eyes shot wide and a loud hiss filled the room.
“Shaking in my boots.” I rolled my eyes and snatched a folder labeled TeaLeaf Rambler. “Explain why and how you came to think yourself the guardian over Beau.”
“I won’t. I was tasked with protecting him, keeping him from the hands of the Spirit Council. I won’t let you take him.”
A sliver of musk caught my nose, but faded quicker than it should have, so I disregarded and did a quick scan of the top page before flipping through the rest of it.
“This is interesting. How did you come about so much information about Mr. Rambler?” Captain Stone stiffened. “Might as well tell me. Would save you and me some time.”
“Police privilege.”
“Don’t apply to me, let alone to someone who’s dead.” I tossed the folder aside and searched the others. “You’ve got loads of files on deceased supernatural creatures.”
Sham was going to have a field day when I alert him files on presumed dead people being leaked.
“Listen, if I tell you who gave me those files will you leave my son alone.”
I leaned back in my chair and smiled at him. “Your son is in no danger from me or anyone else while I’m alive.”
Captain Stone’s mouth dropped opened and he groaned. “Fuck, you’re his . . . Hell no. Not possible.”
“Is. Now tell me who gave you the files.”
“A friend of mine named Jag Wolf.”
Not a name I expected. Jag was legendary among the supernatural creatures. Problem was, most never knew if he was working on the good or bad side. The man lived up to his kinds name. Two Faced. Pissing him off wasn’t wise, but if you were friends with him, which the man had few of, then you would be well protected.
“Why would Jag Wolf bother to give you falsified records?”
“I wasn’t born yesterday.” Captain Stone sat back on his heels. “I won’t tell you anything else. What I said could get me killed.”
“True. How did you come to be guardian over Beau?”
“Ain’t saying.”
I bit my lower lip, filtering through possible reason my oldest friend, Jag Wolf would entrust a young boy into an El Reaper and then feed him such lies. Until I know the underlying facts I won’t be leaving town. Wouldn’t have anyway, but at least I have a valid reason to tell Sham for me extending my stay.
“Captain Stone, I Vain Adams, Spirit Council Enforcer bind you to this town. You are no longer guardian over the man known as Beau Stone. You will make no phones calls to any supernatural creature from your past.”
Captain Stone nodded and turned his back towards me. “Release me, please.” I snapped my fingers and the handcuffs appeared in my hands. “Will Officer Swift be unfrozen?”
“Yes and won’t remember anything about the last hour.”
“What am I to tell him about you not being here?”
“Tell him Chief Parker explained and I left with him.” I sighed. “Now, I get to go and do a bit of long overdue explaining to my helpmate.”
“Don’t tell him, please. Don’t hurt him anymore than I already have. Please. Not for me, but for him.”
“I won’t lie to my helpmate. I wouldn’t keep him in the dark, even if he wasn’t my helpmate. He deserves the truth, no matter what.”

I didn’t stick around to hear anything else Captain Stone had to say. There were two calls to be made before I could return to Beau.