Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, L Day. L=Livid


Today is the Twelfth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter L. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

“Shit,” I mumbled when TeaLeaf knocked Jag’s hand away from him.
“What’s going on?” Beau lifted his head and followed my line of sight. “Is that what it looks like?”
“Ugh!” Sham slapped his forehead and pointed at me. “This is all your fault.”
“Mine?” I gasped at Sham.
“Yes. If you hadn’t taken an assignment . . .”
“Don’t you start in on him.” Beau lifted his finger and aimed it at Sham.
Instead of Sham taking cover like he should’ve he advanced. Sham’s stupid and confusing move made me zero in on our surroundings. The area we’d stopped at seemed safe. I’d smelt no strangeness from the area. Saw no hiding places for attackers, beside trees, which make great cover, but these were slim trees, meaning I’d spot any intruders in a matter of seconds. I’d commanded the small part of me that had burrowed under the ground earlier to follow me and alert me of any underground dangers. There’d been none. I’d even hunted for any sign of Fawn Magic being used. But, it was clear something was going on.
“That’s my son and he comes first.” TeaLeaf shouted and Beau spun his finger towards him and Jag. “You’ve helped me protect him since the day he was born. You are his godfather, don’t you know what that means?”
“Yes, I do. I’m also your lover.”
Beau’s mouth fell open and Sham’s hand flew over his mouth I rubbed the back of my neck. The pronouncement wasn’t surprising to me. I’d known for years, so had Sham, but TeaLeaf had made Jag swear with his life to never tell anyone before discussing it with him. TeaLeaf was old among our kind and like most people with age they preferred their love lives to be private, specially if people considered it an abomination like most did generations ago.
“Uh, is that true?” Beau lowered his hand just as a spray of water darted from TeaLeaf’s hand. Luckily for Jag, his lover’s hand was pointed at the ground. Me and Sham both froze the dangerous spray before it could do any damage, but what happened next was even stranger.
“Did you . . . Hell, I . . . What the . . . Sorry” Jag lowered his head and faded into a strange bluish mist. A rare skill among the Two Faces race, but a handy one if you needed to escape quickly. Costly, to them as well. When Jag rematerialized he’d be zapped of energy for hours.
TeaLeaf stood gaping at the empty space and then dropped to his knees. Buried his head in his heads and I could’ve swore I heard a small whimper. Beau ran to his side and tugged TeaLeaf into his arms.
“Let me go.” TeaLeaf struggled.
Beau tightened his hold. “No. You have nothing to be . . .”
Sham joined me and looked on at the interaction between TeaLeaf and Beau. “What just happened here?”
“Good question.” My attention was split between Beau, who was in some deep conversation with TeaLeaf and the bluish mist moving north of us. “Had to be some kind of spell or reaction to the Kelp.”
“Kelp don’t affect Jag, you, or me.” Sham sniffed the air. “Plus, there’s no Kelp here. It’s at least six miles back.”
“Not sure.” I began tapping my hand against my waist. “Can you follow Jag?”
“Uh.” Sham glanced at him. “Why not send another fragment out? Would be safer. He’s in a foul mood and dislikes us following him in this form.”
“I know.” I tossed my hands in the air. “I’ve done fragmented myself several times today. I will be . . . Oh fuck.” I leaned my head back and released a supernatural howl. Each supernatural creatore had one, but heir strength and skills chose how it affected others.
Sham started to drop to his knee at my commanding howl, but stopped himself before his knees buckled. It hadn’t been my intent to put so much command in my howl. I’d wanted Jag to stop and think about what had just happened.
“What is it?” TeaLeaf asked the moment he joined us.
“Someone is playing games with us. We don’t fight like this.” I twirled my finger in the air. “We don’t lose control of ourselves during high risk situation. Someone is trying to get us to rely on our skills.”
“Shit. They are trying to weaken the strongest of us.” Sham tossed his hands up
“I don’t quite see what you are getting at.” TeaLeaf said.
My shoulder slumped and an air of peace surrounded me when Beau took hold of my waist. “Jag will be incapacitated for hours when he returns.”
“Not to mention angry beyond our ability to handle him.” Sham added.
“You are emotionally . . .” I sighed and quickly changed my wording. No sense is ticking TeaLeaf off anymore. “Your mental thinking has been compromised.”
“Am . . .” TeaLeaf shook his head and added. “Beau don’t know how to use his skills, yet.”
Sham patted my shoulder. “And if Blood Hound here fragments much more without some sleep, he’ll be out of commission as well.”
TeaLeaf shifted from foot to foot and stared at the last few tendrils of the blue mist. “I’ll go after Jag, he’s this way because of me.”
“No, he’s not. He this way because of whoever is messing around. You and him both know he would’ve never said a thing if he was in his right mind.”
“We do, but he won’t believe it. He’ll see it as betraying me.” TeaLeaf took three steps and then faced Beau. “Thank you.”
“No prob. Go Makeup.” Beau scrunched his face up and laughed as TeaLeaf followed Jag’s path. “Did I really just tell my father to go makeup?”
“Yep.” I pulled him into a deep kiss that stole both of our breaths. “Think that’s what we needed to do as well.”
“We’re not  fighting.” Beau winked. “We could and then . . .”
“Oh, please.” Sham groaned. “You do know we can’t let TeaLeaf go after Jag alone.”

“Wasn’t going to. Going to send your rank ass after them.” I tugged Beau along beside me as we followed TeaLeaf.

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