Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, F Day. F=Fussing and Fighting


Today is the sixth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter F. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Fussing and Fighting
Calling Sham had never been so wonderful and dreadful. Most of the time I dread his reaction to my latest outlandish stunt. What I wanted right then was to hear my best friend’s voice. Have him congratulate me and swear we’d celebrate. Too bad I knew our phone call would end with us fussing over me outing myself before Chief Parker agreed. Of course, fussing would turn into fighting over how quick I would be sealing myself with my helpmate.
“Hey, old man.” Sham’s smooth southern accent pretty much melted anyone who heard him talk. “Wasn’t expecting . . . Shit, you’ve done gone and made a mess. Haven’t you?”
The corky, half chuckled put me at ease. “Yes, but for once there’s a valid reason and it wasn’t in front of a hum - - - Okay, it was in front of a human, but he won’t remember a thing.”
“Intriguing, do tell. Then I’ll decide if I will let the big bad Chief Parker deal with your situation or if I’ll do it myself.”
With little excitement and unease I managed to tell Sham about meeting Beau. My run in with the annoying as hell, but helpful Officer Swift, then informed Sham about Captain Stone, and his El Reaper status. Even included the falsified records he had and his mention of our eldest and dearest friends, Jag and TeaLeaf.
I hoped placing more emphasizes on Captain Stone would stir Sham away from wondering what Beau was. Entire concept was a bit ridicules on my part. Sham had an uncanny way of catching on when something was being omitted. This time was no exception. I didn’t even get a second to breath before Sham’s instinct kicked in.
“Don’t stop. Tell me the rest and you know I don’t give a rats-tit about rules.”
Warmth sank over me soon as he used our secret code, letting me know he’d disabled the recording device the Spirit Council kept running on all employee lines.
“Beau belongs to a race most thought dead. Stupid ass me missed the signs of his creature at first, but when Office Swift mentioned spewing . . .” Sham gasped and I could hear him shifting papers around. “No, I don’t know how Officer Swift knew the terminology. I do believe he has a bit more limited knowledge about supernatural creatures than he should. The black spray from Beau’s finger didn’t startle him.” The Spirit Council might have won the Gutting War, but like most governmental leaders they limit how much truth the public is given.
“Shit. Damn. Holy Fuck.”
Sham’s little spillage of curse words were a rarity. The man was right the opposite of me, besides when it came to loyalty to family and friends. Sham didn’t use foul language stronger than shit. Hearing him let three fly in a row had me shifting my feet and reminding myself of all the tight spots I’d been through over the years.
For a second I could hear a loud tapping mixed in among the shuffling papers. Sham’s breathing was deep and fast, but soon quietness louder than any foghorn consumed the phone line.
“Okay. Looks like Rave Michaels sent you on this assignment. Right?” Sham didn’t wait for my answer. “There’s lots of questions. Why did Michaels send you on an assignment? Why this specific one? Were you chosen or just a draw of the stick? Did Chief Parker call you in or someone else?”
Sham kept on stating his questions, but the more he spoke the more confused I became. Sham and me had very few secrets from each other, so I was surprised to feel like he knew more about the situation than I did.”
“Sham . . . Sham . . . Shut up! Now!” My phone vibrated in my hand after my shout.
“What?” Sham said.
“Good, I have your attention. Now start from the beginning of why this has you spilling such strange ass questions. This is my helpmate we are discussing.”
“You know all about . . . That ratbastard didn’t tell you, did he?”
“Uh, ratbastard described about ninety-nine percent of the people I associate with.” The statement had been meant funny, but the truth of it made my stomach do some kind flopping.
“I’m not even touching that.” Sham huffed. “Oh, I’m so going to kill Jag and TeaLeaf.”
Those two names had me stiffing and snarling into the phone.
“Calm down, your helpmate is in no danger from them. Captain Stone or Chief Parker might be. Not sure which.” Sham released one of his half roars, which he only did when he was holding back his bear side. He swore a sudden, anger induced shift hurt like hell.
“Fine.” I squeezed my phone until it made a cracking sound. “Tell me what the other two of our foursome squad has to do with all this.”
“Files on the way to our secure line. I’ll jump on the plane after I contact those two.”
The small community of Dav was about to get very interesting and I needed to prepare Beau before everyone descended.
“Tell the two amigo in crime that I’m explaining what I learn to Beau. I won’t keep him ignorant when his life depends on it.” My gut said it did.
“Got it, take care of him. He’s precious in more ways than you know. Right now at least.”
“Got it, be safe and don’t make any promises to those two amigos in crime about me not kicking their ass if this entire shitstorm could have been avoided.”
Sham’s faked gasp told me all I needed. Sham hadn’t considered those two would try to wrangle a promise from him. Jag and TeaLeaf were masters at manipulating things until they achieved what they wanted. It’s what made them the perfect hidden assets during the Gutting War.
“Those two are easy to handle, just watch yourself until we arrive.” The obnoxious squeak of Sham’s twenty-year-old rolling chair had me cringing. “I’m not sure who is trustworthy there.”
“See you soon.”

I hung the phone up and headed towards my hotel where I’d stashed my high-tech gadget Sham rigged for the foursome squad twenty-some years ago. I hated the damn thing, but it allowed us to keep in touch, but without doing so.

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  1. Sham is a good friend to have - fount of all knowledge and supportive. Jag and Tealeaf are becoming more intriguing!
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