Journey Series

Journey Series

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, S Day. S=Suspicion


Toady is the Nineteenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter N. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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I took in a couple of deep breaths and decided best way to expose my suspicion on what had gone down from the time TeaLeaf was captured to now was a direct approach. It would hurt TeaLeaf worse, but . . . I hoped it would relieve some of his own guilt towards what happened to the mother of his child.
“The main betrayer is no longer alive.” Jag leaned forward in his chair. “The initial traitor sacrificed her life for what she viewed as the greater cause. In the process she enlisted some secret help, making herself a double agent of sorts.”
TeaLeaf tapped the arm of his chair and his normal dull brown eyes held a bit of a glow to them. The right corner of his lip was up, showing a hint of pearly white teeth. Wasn’t one of his better looks, but it told me he was attentive and open to what I was saying. Jag on the other hand had sat up straight and had his fist clenched.
“I’m not sure when or how the woman changed sides, but I have a pretty good idea.”
“When?” TeaLeaf’s tapping increased, but he remained still and attentive.
“The day she was made to give up her true love.”
I wasn’t sure if this true love was her helpmate or not, but one thing was for sure, TeaLeaf’s wife, Beau’s mother hadn’t been as accepting of the prearranged marriage as she portrayed. Neither of them lied to one another about their feelings regarding their duty, but being forced into something one didn’t want would make the strongest person change sides. Add in being kept away from the one you loved and a person became deadly, most of the time.
“You think she had a helpmate like I did?” TeaLeaf’s tapping stopped long enough for him to glance up at Jag and then it resumed it’s fast pace. “Who was it? She never mentioned one?”
“Not sure if helpmate or not just a deep seated love, but either way she gave up someone who meant as much to her as Jag does to you.” I let silence invade the room while TeaLeaf played over my words. Jag kept his attention focused on me, as if he wasn’t quite sure if what I said was plausible or not.
“You thinking she joined forces with the Honorable Rebels?” I shook my head yes. “Why would they accept her help? Why would they trust her? She wasn’t human. Her marriage to me was a well-known fact. It’s what costed my son.”
“I believe it made way for your capture.”
Jag grunted. “Not possible. We know the Spirit Council screwed up that mission.”
“Yes. I also believe Beau’s mother was working for them.” Jag and TeaLeaf exchange a look and then chuckled. “Not as unbelievable as you think. We hadn’t begun the underground world then, but we had plans underway. Don’t you remember all the supernatural being we’d stashed away? Did you really think the Spirit Council wouldn’t take note of the discrepancy of number of supernatural being the humans logged and the ones we rescued.”
“The humans were known for killing our kind in those camps.” Jag supplied.
“Yes.” Sham interjected and grinned at me. “In most of the camps, but there were three or four where deaths weren’t well known for. Two of which you and Jag raided on your own before I gathered information on them.”
TeaLeaf’s head slammed back into the chair. “We tipped the Spirit Council off before we even got underway.”
I didn’t respond. There was no sense in it. TeaLeaf would kick his own ass no matter what I said, so it was best if I dropped the rest of the bombs and let him see where we stood.
“I believe the Spirit Council contacted Beau’s mother and told her if she helped them then she’d earn her freedom from you.” Perfect way to entice someone is to hand them a get out of jail card of sorts. “Knowing the Spirit Council they told her to devise a plan and put it into motion. I don’t know Beau’s mother, but I can’t see her being a strategy master, meaning she was easy prey for both the Spirit Council to manipulate and easy for the humans to see through her ultimate goal.” I sighed and frowned. “Yet, she was around TeaLeaf enough to know how to do a bit of scheming to gain her prize.”
“All good point.” Jag took hold of TeaLeaf’s hand and gave him a small peck on the lips. “Still, doesn’t explain how this man TeaLeaf entrusted his son to managed to hand him over to some poser all before we got our watchers in place.”
“It does to.” Chief Parker kicked his legs out. “Now, I’m talking out of my ass here because I’m going off what Vain said, so these are assumptions.” Chief Parker paused, letting them each have a moment to reject his input. “Looks like Beau’s mother either enlisted her lover to assist, or convinced Captain Stone to play a major role. Either way, I’m sure her death wasn’t counted on. It might have been a fleeting thought, which she make contingencies for, but I doubt it, which meant Captain Stone might have been playing these last few years by ear.”
“Is he on the right track?” TeaLeaf looked at me.
I shook my head. “I think Captain Stone was the lover or at least a close friend. I think she didn’t account for her death, more likely she was going to disappear until word of your death reached her.”
Jag groaned and covered his face. “Honorable Rebels saw her as another supernatural creature and eliminated her, leaving Captain Stone to handle things on his own.”
“Sounds about right.” Sham tucked his legs under him. “He might even thought it would be a piece of cake, until TeaLeaf showed up.”
I knew what I was going to tell TeaLeaf next would add to his massive amount of guilt, but I wouldn’t and couldn’t keep ideas from him that might be required to save our own asses.
“I think the real Captain Stone, if that’s his name at all, loved and cared for Beau, until . . .”
“I showed up. Me being alive broke him.” TeaLeaf slammed a fist into the wall behind him. “He wanted revenge against me for Rone’s life.”
“Think so.” Beau shifted on the bed, knocking the blanket away from his arms. I stood and covered him back up and kissed his cheek. “How long did it take you to setup the detail for Captain Stone?”

“Two days.”

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