Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, R Day. R=Ravaging Ray


Today is the Eighteenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter R. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Ravaging Ray
I reached to push Beau’s hand down just as TeaLeaf stood, all but dropping Jag on the floor. He quickly snagged his helpmate’s arm and then darted in front of Beau. Took hold of his face and locked eyes with him.
“Vain, keep hold of his arms.”
I didn’t hesitate to tugged Beau’s arms behind his back. I knew TeaLeaf wouldn’t hurt him, plus I could feel the hoard of emotions vibrating through Beau. It was scary in and among itself. It was a rarity for a helpmate to feel their others so intently, but I could and I wanted the pain Beau was going through to cease.
“What’s going on?” Chief Parker asked at the same time as Sham did.
“Beau’s overloaded. He’s about . . .”
There was no about to it, because I howled as fire raced up my leg, but I never let go of Beau’s arm. I didn’t want him to strike anyone else with his ray of fire. He would feel bad enough when he realized he’d harmed me.
“Beau, listen to me. I need you to breath through the turmoil. If you don’t the Ravaging Ray will continue to consume your helpmate.”
Beau didn’t seem to be hearing TeaLeaf and the fire ray was now at my knees. I tightened my grip on Beau’s wrist and leaned my face against his neck. Hoping the skin-to-skin contact would ease him a bit. The heat of the flame died down, until the floor creaked. Beau began fighting my hold as his head swirled around from person to person. I was sure he wasn’t recognizing any of them, but when his eyes became fixed on the door I realized he knew who each of us was.
“Son, listen you need to settle down the rest of the way. You know none in this room is here to harm you.”
“Lie.” Beau’s voice sounded scratchy and as if he was walking through a tunnel. He jerked a couple of more times and then glanced up at me. “You are the only one who has not harmed me.”
“Beau,” I leaned my face agaisnt his, making sure to keep hold of his wrist. “Your father, godfather, and Sham never harmed you.”
“Not directly.” Beau whispered and rubbed his cheek against my face. “Indirectly they did.”
There was no way I could dispute what Beau said. By letting Beau remain with the original Captain Stone, TeaLeaf had caused his son a harsher life. Jag and Sham harmed him by not talking TeaLeaf out of his decision. All three of them had done so by not staying on top of the ones they hired to protect Beau.
“I know. They know and I can tell you that none of them would’ve allowed you to remain with the man who raised you if they had known . . .”
I let my comment fade because my words would only cause Beau more distress and most likely would’ve caused TeaLeaf to go ballistic. There were two options left for who the true betrayer was. If my thinking was correct then it was betrayers.
“I know that look.” Jag groaned and moved to TeaLeaf’s side. “He’s pieced the entire thing together.”
“Vain?” Sham moved into my line of sight.
I nodded at him and he jumped into action. The two of us were always so in-sink that it was a bit scary. Most of the time Sham would know what I was thinking the moment it clicked in my head and he would have a way to wrangle the evidence I needed in mind.
“There they go again.” Jag huffed and rolled his eyes.
Beau tensed, but he never broke our contact, and the fire that had receded below my kneecaps was not as hot as earlier.
“Jag, you are not being funny.” I said, hoping to clue Jag into how much he was really helping the situation out. He must have caught on because his next comment was just as lame as the other one.
“There eye conversation always leave their two amigos in the pitch black.”
The flames on my legs faded and Beau slumped against me. “I’m tired.”
“I know baby, how about you lay down for a bit.” I scooped him into my arms and walked over to our bed. He grabbed the pillow I’d used the night before and cuddled up with it. His eyes shut and a faint snore drifted to my ears before I even got the blanket tucked around him.
I faced TeaLeaf who had his head buried in Jag’s neck. Jag was rubbing soothing circle on his back and promising him everything would be okay.
“Vain,” Jag moved TeaLeaf enough so he could sit down and let TeaLeaf curl up in his lap. “Care to explain what you’ve figured out?”
I looked over at Sham, who gave a curt nod and went right back to keying on his computer.
“Chief Parker, will you be willing to assist me?”
Chief Parker eyebrow lifted and he shrugged. “If I can. I’m not sure what I can tell you other than what I did.”

“More than you think.” I picked up a folding chair and placed it so I would be sitting near Beau and be able to gage Chief Parker’s face, as well as watch TeaLeaf and Jag for any sudden explosions.

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