Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, April 3, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge Post, C Day. C=Controlling


It's the third day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter C. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

Shouts from the cabin-like Dav Police Station squashed the creaking of the gravel of the police station’s parking lot. I’d known the community was small, but I’d expected at least a older brick style Police Station. The destruction caused fifty years ago after the Gutting had left a once vibrant world more of a graveyard kind of place. Countries and states no longer existed. Inplace of them were small communities lead by whoever the Spirit Council deemed fitting for on what race inhibited the area. Mansion style homes no longer existed. The well off lived in what most would consider homes fitted for the middle class family. Middle class family now lived in homes that should’ve been condemned twenty years ago. The poor made do with caves or tents.
It was a shame how much damage one war had caused. I hated that I partook in some of the more dangerous mission for the Spirit Council during the Gutting. The version most people knew for the hideous long war was a good one, freedom for all races, but the way it came about was wrong.
The supernatural creatures tried non-violent method. Didn’t work, ended up with our kind encaged, abused, tested on, and many more vile and unthinkable things. Each supernatural creature has their purpose and just like humans, we have good beings and bad ones. Supernatural creatures have many helpful and advanced skills, which is why we won the Gutting and know run the world under the supervision of the Spirit Council.
A loud clattering had me releasing my tracker ability. It was a unique aspect of all Blood Hounds. Most heard the hound and thought wolf, but that has nothing to do with my species. We resemble humans more than anyone else. Our ability to separate ourselves into multiple fragments while still function like a typical person is the main reason my kind end up working for the Spirit Council.
Blood Hounds are rare these days. Most were killed during the Gutting. Our missions were those entailing single team retrieval. There was always others communicating with us and directing us, but no one covering our backs once we entered a hidden compound. Every mission we embanked on was off the books. We went in with the knowledge if caught no one came for us.
Known Blood Hounds are now feared among every supernatural creature as much as they fear the Spirit Council. Spirit Council has a tough job policing the entire world and aren’t always known for having a heart. They were always softer on the humans, which meant most supernatural criminals were unfairly punished. Kind of odd considered how over ninety percent of their fighters before and during the Gutting were forced to fight.
The car door slammed behind me just as my tracker side rushed back to me.
“Shit. Dam it to hell.” Officer Swift sudden outburst had me biting back a laugh. A lanky built man didn’t fit the bill for cursing up a storm. “Beau couldn’t leave well enough alone.”
“Take it Beau came to give his father the message himself.”
The tracker picked up two people inside. Either Captain Stone cleared the other police officer out or Beau’s fit had.  I liked the fact that the hot blond was standing up for himself. He should. And not just because Demon Delivers were to be revered as royalty, but for the simple fact he was a grown man, who could stand on his own two feet.
“Shut up, Vain.”
Officer Swift’s sharp tone had me spinning around to face him. My hands were clinched and I could feel the vein in my neck throbbing. It was taking every ounce of control I had to keep myself from throwing a knockout punch.
“Why should I? I said nothing out of the way.”
Blazing anger rushed over me faster than ever after splitting myself off. Fury was a common drawback of my ability and ninety percent of the time it was accompanied by an explosive outburst. Half of the time those were followed by an unprovoked attack. Bad part of those is, I can’t control if it’s a physical, mental, or verbal. Since, it’s a high occurrence my kind has learned way to ward them off. Like most things there are some exception, one being if our helpmate is perceived to be or is in danger.
“Just wiser. Captain Stone is overbearing and overprotective of his son. It’s why they clash ever time they are in the same room. Best if we go in the backdoor.”
I didn’t do backdoors, so I trekked the few feet to the unpainted wooded door and pushed it open. Beau was mine to protect, not his father’s, anymore at least. He might be his father, a controlling one, but the moment I saw Beau that changed. No one would be controlling Beau again.
“Why the fuck did you send your pet Officer to spy on me this time?” Beau’s arms were stretched across his stomach so tight I could hear the seems in his shirt ripping.
“Son, you need to calm down before there’s another . . .”
Officer Swift grunted and Beau shifted his eyes in their direction. I thought Officer Swift deserved me to douse him in a bucket of gasoline and let Beau spew a bit of flames on him. I’d seen an old Demon Deliver friend do it once to save his wife and unborn child’s life. It would’ve worked if he hadn’t been facing off with a Water Demon. Needless to say, Water Demons bare their name for a reason. They are the only supernatural creature who can sweat water on command.
I walked over toward the hefty man, who smelled of wet grass mixed with dirt. Both odors belonged to people who used Fawn Magic. I offered the man my hand.
“Captain Stone I presume.” Too keep from sliding Beau behind me I bit the inside of my jaw until metallic filled my mouth. Fawn Magic was dangerous shit, not only to the ones it is used on but for the user as well.
“Yes. Who are you?” Captain Stone looked at me, but his question was directed at Officer Swift.
“You sent Officer Swift to investigate me.”
Beau’s hand flew up and a spray of black water flowed from his finger. I reacted like I would in any other situation spiraling out of control. I snapped my fingers and froze time. Being able to divert dangerous and preventable screw up was one of the perks I loved about being a Supernatural Council Enforcer.

One major flaw on my part, Spirit Council Magic didn’t affect Demon Delivers.


  1. Oops, he's probably in trouble now! Interesting set up, not what I was expecting after the first two chapters :) - didn't realise it wasn't set in the contemporary world.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. I like hearing it was something unexpected.