Journey Series

Journey Series

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, N Day. N=Nonsense


Today is the Fourteenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter N. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
* * * Story Disclaimer * * *

Sham cocked his head and jerked away from me. Smoothed down his shirt and scowled at me. “No, I’m not a dipshit. I’m an overpaid, overworked, goffer for your ass at the Spirit Council, as well as a sergeant in the underground world. I work my ass off day and knight trying to right the wrongs we were forced to do.”
My body shook with rage. Sham wasn’t careless with anything he done. We were missing something, something major, but what. “This is making no sense. We are missing something. Have to be.” I ran my hand through my hair. “Let’s start at the beginning.”
Sham groaned. “You mean when TeaLeaf was captured?”
“Lord no.” I shot my eyes toward TeaLeaf and Jag, who was starting to stir. “TeaLeaf won’t discuss that. I don’t’ want to hear the horror he suffered, plus I’ll never forget when we had to listen through the tale. I meant how and who betrayed us.”
“Okay, where’s the best place to start?” Sham tapped a two beat ryhtym on the side of his leg. “Do we start with why TeaLeaf chose the human? I mean having a supernatural creature keeping an eye on him would’ve been logical. Chief Parker . . .” Sham shook his head. “I just can’t see him betraying me or the ones he promised to work for.”
“Why? Weren’t we all jilted by the Spirit Council and their underhanded war?”
Sham crossed his arms. “We were, but Chief Parker is devoted to my family. He one of the few people, outside of the foursome squad I’d trust with my life.”
That was a high praise from Sham. Made me agree with him on Chief Parker not being compromised, yet there was still a slim chance.
“Let’s take a step back.” I began pacing the small area. “If TeaLeaf arranged this protection why do you have the emails? Why emails? You guys always required reports to be in person or by phone. It was our upmost rule with informants.”
“I had the emails because I was checking into why Chief requested to switch to emails.” Sham sighed. “I was just about to call you in to check on him when I learned you were on the way here.”
“Hold up.” I dug my phone from my pocket and flipped through my emails. “This is the second time you’ve mentioned someone else sending me here. But you did.” I handed my phone to him.
Sham took it and read, then ripped the back of my phone off and yanked the electronic card from the back.
“Hey, what are you - - -”
“I never sent you this.”
“You tore my personal phone up for that reason?” Sham lifted the back of the phone up and frowned.
“Sorry.” Sham ran his finger over the picture of the foursome squad and started reassembling my phone. “Where’s your work phone?”
I huffed and crossed my arms. “Where it is when I’m not contacting you regarding a case the Spirit Council sent me on.”
Sham knew our procedures like the back of his hand. His lack of comprehension spoke volumes for how the entire situation was affecting us. Looked like all of us needed to refocus.
“We are letting them achieve their ultimate goal, aren’t we?”
“Think so.” I shook my head.
“Hey,” Beau laid a hand on my arm and tossed his head towards TeaLeaf, who was carrying Jag. “Jag is ready to get some good rest. Ready to head back to town?”
“Is town safe?” I asked without thinking of how unsettled Jag already was. When he started struggling to be let lose TeaLeaf growled at me. I held my hand up and took a step back. “Didn’t mean to upset him.”
“He didn’t TeaLeaf. His question has merit.” Sham took a step back as well.
“Why?” Jag sounded weaker than he normally did when he came back to solid form. Kind of scary to think of Jag in such a state, the man was a killing machine and half.
“Looks like one or both of your informants have changed sides. Either going to the Honorable Rebels or . . .” Sham waved his hand at me.
“Great, let me tell what might piss them both off.” I took another step back, and Beau moved in front of me. I quickly shifted him aside and shook my head at him.
He scowled at me until TeaLeaf said, “Son, it might be wise. Jag and I are both worked up. We might attack without thinking.”
“You best not. I’ll figure someway to stop your asses if you do.”
“Noted.” Jag pointed at the ground and TeaLeaf sat him on his feet.
I sighed and said the words the foursome squad had always feared hearing. “Theirs a chance the Spirit Council is either onto us or trying to sniff out an idea.” I held my hand up before TeaLeaf could interject. “Sham didn’t send me here to start with. I thought he had, but Rave Michaels sent me using Sham’s work email account.”
The quietness was a bit eerie and lasted only a minute or two before Beau gave them the perfect solution.
“We could take the old Piper Trail into Piper Community.”
TeaLeaf exchanged a look with Jag, who nodded. Sham pulled out his phone and began gathering up information. I waited. TeaLeaf and Jag were the main fighters of our group, although most thought them the backups. Sham the gathering and a last resort when fighting. He could scrap as good as the rest of us, but he was a genius when it came to the little bits that make a job function without flaws. I was the tracker, retriever, and second wave of attack. In other words, TeaLeaf and Jag made the plan of attack from what information Sham gathered, and I stood back and waited for instructions.
“We have three contacts in Piper. All reliable and there’s several places we can crash and remain under the radar for all parties involved.” Sham handed TeaLeaf his phone. “I do think we need to reassess Chief Parker and Officer Swift state.”
“I agree.” Jag was studying Sham’s phone and pointed at a couple of items.
“Chief Parker doesn’t live in Dav.” Beau came back to my side and leaned against me.
Leaned didn’t fit, my helpmate pretty much sagged. He was exhausted and from the grumbling in his stomach starved.
“Figure something out on the move. Beau needs food. I know Jag does as well.” I was kind of shocked Jag was sstill awake. It had to be pure aderaline keeping him functioning. I lifted Beau into my arms, ignoring his protest, and started walking away from them.
“Uh, Vain.” Sham pointed to the left. “Piper’s that way.”
I shifted directions and kept walking. They’d follow or be left behind. I heard Sham chuckle and Jag mumbled something about if they didn’t follow his godson would end up on the moon.
“We’ll follow and I’ll contact Chief Parker.” Sham fell instep behind me, shielding me from the two amigos like always. He’d learned long ago the three of us could get on each other’s nerves. It would be worse know that Beau was my helpmate.

“Officer Swift first.” Jag countered. “He’s the most likely traitor.”

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