Journey Series

Journey Series

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge, J Day. J=Jag’s Arrival


Today is the Tenth day of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and today’s chapters starts with the letter J. Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar as you read.

© Julia Matthews April 2015

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This is an Adult Only Story. If you are under the age of 18 please leave the website.
This is also a M/M Fantasy Romance Story.
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Jag’s Arrival
I almost gasped when Jag walked into the clearing.
“Think your white hair means you’re the old man.” Beau spit the words out through tight lips and lifted his finger.
I laid my hand on his arm and pushed it down. “Don’t attack one of the two amigos or any other foursome squad.”
Beau cocked an eyebrow and studied Jag for a moment. He rolled his eyes and lifted his arm again.
Jag chuckled and said, “He’s so much like TeaLeaf it’s unreal.”
A light spray of black water extended from his finger, but stopped halfway between them and Jag.
“What the fuck?” Beau gawked at the frozen spray and then spun towards me. “Why the hell did you freeze my water?”
I shook my head and pointed to the left of Jag. “Didn’t, this time, but would’ve before I let you harm anyone.”
“Son, your spray is deadly to some . . .”
Beau spun towards the almost replica of himself. Main difference being TeaLeaf looked rugged and dangerous, Beau was hardcore and handsome.
“Don’t you fucking call me son.” Beau’s face paled and his shoulders shook.
I tightened my grip on him when he started moving away from me. “Come on, calm down for me.” I shouldn’t have used my soft mellow rhythm to sway Beau into doing as I asked, but slamming TeaLeaf with all his built up frustration wasn’t going to help anyone. It might have made things a hell of a lot worse if it pissed TeaLeaf off.
“Don’t use your calming skills, old friend.” TeaLeaf made two caution steps towards them. “Beau has the right to be pissed at me.”
I knew Beau did, but still he was my helpmate. I couldn’t allow him to strike in anger when he might regret it later.
“Don’t defend me to anyone. You have no right to . . .”
Beau’s head fell forward and he buried his faced into my neck, making the rest of what he said muddled. The gist of it was clear to me. Beau struggled with his feeling. He wanted to lash out for the life Captain Stone gave him. He wanted to punish the man who left him with a monster. He desired to know his father, yet hated doing so.
Jag’s grunt had me repositioning Beau and me so we stood sideward. I glanced his way and saw him biting his lower lip.
“What is it?” I let a small snippet of myself escape and scour the area. Plenty of wild animals running amuck the area, none threating and none supernatural as far as I could tell. There was even a lingering hint of . . .
My outburst had Beau pulling back and looking around. “What? Did Stone find us?”
I sort of wished it was Stone or another of our kind. The foul decaying odor lingering around the area was buried so deep that I’d missed it upon my arrival. My focus had been on gaining Beau’s acceptance and had me forgetting to ask more question about the location.
“What is it, old friend?” TeaLeaf was scanning the area and frowning. “I sense nothing. Jag?”
Jag shook his head. “What ever it is can’t be good for it to have stir our Blood Hound up.”
“Vain?” Beau ran a finger over the side of my face. “What is going on?”
I took a deep breath and released another tendril of myself. Instead of letting this part of me search the air, I sent it underground. I watched the small red string looking part of me float to the ground and burrow itself into the dirt.
“Jag, why was you biting your lip?” I ran my hand over Beau’s back, hoping to sooth us both by touch.
“Uh . . .” Jag stretched his neck. “The tension flowing from my godson was getting to me.”
Made sense. Two Faces were great at deceptions, never second-guessed eliminating possible threats, but their skill with a price. For Jag’s kind to gain best result they had to absorb tension, but the more one takes in the less they can tolerate hovering around them. Jag was the best Two Faced alive, which resulted in him pretty much locking himself away from others for the last twenty or so years.
“What . . .”
“Beau,” I shrugged when TeaLeaft huffed at me for cutting him off. “This is a manmade pond, right?” Beau nodded. “What was it before then?”
“Not sure. Why?”
“What the fuck?” Sham walked out of the trees to the right of me, waving his hand in front of his nose. “Why the hell are we standing in the middle of a lost Kelp Ground?”
I groaned and picked Beau up and tossed him on my shoulder. He gasped and kicked his legs.
“What are you doing? Put me down.”
“He can’t, son.” I spared a quick glance at TeaLeaf, who had taken to the air, to extract himself from the deadly Kelp. With a toss of my head at Jag.
Jag nodded and said, “I’m going. Wait up TeaLeaf.”
TeaLeaf and Jag both disappeared into the hanger of trees.

“Why can’t you put me down? Where’s he’s going? Where are we going?” Beau no longer tried to free himself, in fact his hands were resting on my hips, making my dick grow.